big meat hammer.

15 01 2010

wow. a whole lotta meat in this week’s shaw’s flier. almost an entire page top to bottom (save for a little cheese filler here and there). other than the meat parade, there isn’t a whole lot going on this week. i think they’re taking a little break from super hot deals after 2 weeks of catalinas, but there’s still a few decent situations packed into the cracks between the meat:

kelloggs cereals @ $1.88. i have a $.50/1 from for raisin bran (not there anymore) that will hopefully double and get me $.88 cereal.

wolfgang puck soup @ $2.49. i have a $1/1 from the 1/10 smartsource, and a $1/2 catalina i’ve been holding for a while. looks like $1 corn chowder is coming my way.

$.99 zatarain’s rice. i don’t have any coupons, but i do love their cheesy jambalaya.

bogo riceworks. got a really nice $1/1 in the 1/10 smarsource. don’t know how much they cost ($2.49 or less is my hope, but at shaw’s that’s probably a pipe dream), but it could be pretty sweet.

halls cough drops @ $1 each. $.50/1 from the 1/10 smart source- could double making for free coughdrops?

then there’s dollar days! which don’t seem that exciting (mostly shit that i can’t/don’t/won’t eat), but a couple of decent finds:

quaker rice snacks @ $1 each. supposedly there was a $.75/1 coupon in the 1/10 redplum, but i can’t find it. either i’m getting  sloppy in my clipping, or maine didn’t get it (like the ever-elusive revlon coupons!).

softsoap hand soap @ $1 each. according to hot coupon world, there’s a $.40/1 printable lurking on the interweb somewhere (coming soon!). hopefully it will surface soon, because i could definitely use some $.20 hand soap (i like the one that smells like grapefruit).



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16 01 2010
sarah d has halls ips to if you want more cough drops…i don’t believe they said do not double, i spent mine at walgreens this week.

16 01 2010

thanks for the tip! maybe i’ll try it out with my one coupon, and if it doubles go back for more later in the week. i blasted through my cough drop supply this past cold season, it’s time to restock!

16 01 2010

I bought the cough drops yesterday and they do double the coupon. free cough drops 🙂

16 01 2010

sweet! thanks for the update. now i definitely need to go to smartsource and print those coupons!

17 01 2010

The Hall’s Naturals are AWESOME. I have the peach ones… they have honey in the center. YUM. I want to try the mountain berry ones too.

17 01 2010

peach! i ended up with honey lemon. somebody had completely cleaned out my shaw’s by the time i got there 😦 i’ll definitely keep my eyes out for the peach- sounds delicious!).

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