weekend pickthrough- utter randomness edition

15 01 2010

the most hilarious spelling lesson ever.

holy shit that’s a lot of hamburger helper.

time magazine chooses their 25 favorite blogs of 2009. nary a coupon blog- but they did include lifehacker, zen habits, and freakonomics– all of which regularly have good things to say about frugality, and figuring out how to live in a world with less money than ever.

gorgeous daily doses of my hometown.

on the subject of buying coupons.

they make it seem exclusive by making you apply to join. but if, like me,  you want access to 70% off BCBG, then you’ll do it.

looking for your grocery store in an endless sea of frugal blogs? coupon geek figured it out.

someone who actually enjoys the nielsen homescan program! (they’re accepting applications btw… should i do it?)

not that i ever win, but i love instant wins. (and this one spins)



9 responses

15 01 2010
The Coupon Goddess

LMAO! Love the picture. I think I broke a rib!!!!!!!!!!

15 01 2010

i certainly hope it’s a halloween costume, and not some bizarro sexual fetish! (can you imagine?) 🙂

15 01 2010

I signed all up for the Neilson thing then I found out you have to put in the coupon used for each item. Psh! I use a coupon for almost every single thing I buy! I didn’t think I’d have the patience or the time to scan everything then try to remember which coupon went with which item when I had everything home. I ended up saying I wasn’t interested when I was approved for a scanner. 😦

That’s a crapload of soup also!

16 01 2010

wow. that seems like a terrible hassle. no wonder so many people are hatin on the nielsen homescan! i’m tempted to try it, just to see how bad it really is… i always feel like doing something unpleasant makes for a good blog post.

17 01 2010
Stephanie Green

I second Mrs. Litz. I did do the homescan From September -November of last year and boy! It was a lot of work for measly gifts. The only thing of value would take at least 2 yrs by my estimate. Also everything you scan usually has to have the price put in, coupons, total,how you pd and on and on. Not worth it! I promise there are worth things worth your precious time! You would probably find more change and be richer in the amount of time you will spend to get the dollar store salt shakers!

17 01 2010

i’ve only ever heard one person say that they thought it was a worthwhile program. you would think they would hear the feedback and do something about it! i’m still tempted to try it- just to document the awfulness… but it’s probably a terrible idea.

22 01 2010

Thanks for the link to my blog! I Just found your site and am adding it to my ‘bloglist.’

22 01 2010

thank you! i love your blog like crazy. being on your bloglist is a huge compliment.

22 01 2010

the coupons are all sorts of crappy. $.25 of rite aid hand lotion- the excitement of it all! i got 2 free tickets twice, and i’m desperately seeking the orange soda sticker. i’m not asking for the $250,000 mortgage payoff or anything… i just want a little love!

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