16 01 2010

whoa. i screwed the pooch big time yesterday. what’s that about $50 worth of cocktails at the top of the east? oh, and $30 worth of green elephant dinner, and $10 for a kind of awful but kind of wonderful play (ubu roi at the apohadion- pretentious art school fuckery, but very well acted, and can you say CARDBOARD BEAR!). oops. that’s 90% of my weekly fun-money budget. it appears that my fun has run out.

i was supposed to spend the day second hand shopping around town and possibly even taking the bus out to the mall… but no. now i have no money (and am slightly hung over) (and have to deal with the shame of actually having uttered the word “pietini” 3 times in a public arena). thus, the day will be spent working off both my shame and my hangover doing household chores. i’ll be scrubbing my kitchen floor cinderella style, doing the worlds largest laundry load of towels, and finally putting those xmas decorations away.

good times.

i will also be announcing the winner of the burt’s bees giveaway in a few hours. stay tuned!



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