deal or no deal.

18 01 2010

i think my biggest struggle so far with baking day (save for the vegan pulled pork- which actually came somewhat back to life with the application of a bit of texas pete’s buffalo wing sauce), is grocery shopping when i don’t have much to buy. mostly, i’ve needed produce and lunch food. however, because i haven’t been plotting out my grocery list for dinners- i’ve been going to the store without a concrete plan, which has turned out to be pretty disasterous.

case and point, yesterday at the shaw’s. i needed the following:

1 loaf bread
1 cucumber
1 box cream of wheat
1 4-pack cottage cheese singles

i came out with all of those things plus:
2 bags rice works chips
1 bag quaker quakes
1 bag totstitos dippin strips
1 jar tostitos salsa con queso
1 bag halls honey lemon cough drops
2 cans old el paso green chiles
1 can wolfgang puck organic corn chowder
1 bag celery

although, lack of planning aside, i got some pretty good deals on some random stuff:

riceworks were @ $2.99 BOGO + $1/1 coupon made them $1 each.

wolfgang puck soup was on sale for $2.49 with a $1/1 coupon it was $1.49.

the quakes were on sale for $1, and i had a $.75/1 coupon that doubled,making me a profit of $.50.

the halls cough drops were $1, with a $.50/1 coupon that doubled making them free.

the old el paso green chiles were $1.49 each with two $.55/1 coupons that doubled, making them $.39 each.

that’s $13.45 worth of stuff for $3.76. i still bought a bunch of crap that i probably don’t need (and there’s really no excuse for the full price tostitos  & cheese dip), but i’m still $8 below my normal weekly grocery budget of $30, and riceworks chips are delicious. so there.



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18 01 2010
The Coupon Goddess

Don’t forget that you can use two coupons on a B1G1 deal. That way those yummy Rice Works are .50 each. 🙂

18 01 2010

i know! i just only had one coupon 😦 my office stopped getting the paper, and i hate to buy more than one. any secrets on scamming extra coupon inserts?

19 01 2010

I opened one of the many free weekly newspapers that trash up my driveway and found extra coupon inserts, never would have known they were there. I get doubles for free!!! Not sure if you get the same junk mail driveway newspapers, but it may be worth taking a look 🙂

19 01 2010

free newspapers! i get nothing (although in maine that’s kind of par for the course). my shaw’s & rite aid fliers come with sort of a “classified section only” newspapery thing… but it never has any coupons for anything cool- just lube jobs and pizza delivery. boo-urns.

19 01 2010

for the riceworks, check the manufacturer’s website, sometimes they have printables (in this case riceworks does). you can print 2 from each computer you have access to:
i got 4 bags, i hope they don’t taste like shit.
ps. i love your blog cause you use swear words like me
pps. i am a 43 yr old mom and should probably watch my mouth…nah

19 01 2010

they’re actually really good! i got a coupon for a free bag last year, and i really enjoyed them. i wish i had known about the printables before 😦 i somehow didn’t even remember the bogo- i just stumbled across it at the store and decided to go for it. i’m a terrible impulse shopper.

and thank you! i’m glad you enjoy my trash mouth. we can’t all be couponing for jesus, can we? i figure the dark side needs to be represented as well. (and i’m sure you’re kids are much much cooler for it).

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