weekend pickthrough- double maps edition.

22 01 2010


can’t sell it, swap it!

when my favorite local food blogger called it quits in 2009, i thought i would never love again… but then i found the portland food map!

everyone is talking about the frugal map! probably because it’s an awesome idea that we regretted not having first (cheers to you bargain brianna!).

mixology for your cornflakes.

apparently portland doesn’t give a shit about coupons (nationally speaking that is).

a very cool article about meaningful home decor– and it even gives maine a sweet shout out. thanks t magazine!

loving her commitment to healthy, and environmentally low impact eating and shopping!

although i’m also loving cakeballs! (thanks for the tip off coupon goddess)

i’m seriously considering paying $30 for this. (come on- it’s johnny depp AND aurora!)



5 responses

22 01 2010

I can link up to the enviro. shopper?! Try again I’d like to read. Thank you,

22 01 2010

i don’t bother with those sticks, you could choke trying to jam them in your mouth! cakeballs are the balls. give them to an unsuspecting friend, they know it tastes great, but have no idea what they are eating. someone thought i was trying to poison them with unbaked egg products, hah!

22 01 2010

safety first! plus i don’t need anything slowing down the direct route of the cake balls into my mouth hole. i’m thinking of bringing some to a party this weekend. maybe i should just call them something like “mystical mystery balls”, or maybe “hot party balls”? any suggestions?

25 01 2010

Oooh, I want to be a Bee Mistress.

26 01 2010

who doesn’t? actually, i am still considering putting together a team. maybe now is my chance to get my spelling groove back since i tanked out in 6th grade spelling bee ( i spelled cease instead of seize- jitters!). i feel as if my spelling hasn’t been the same since.

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