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24 01 2010

it’s not secret that i’ve gotten fat this past year. almost 30 lbs. really. it’s a long and tragic story that doesn’t necessarily need to be shared right now, but the fact of the matter is that i need to be more diligent with what i stuff in my cramhole. despite the disappointing fare in this week’s shaw’s flier, i did still manage to score a few good deals.  however, as the diet is to start tomorrow (and less calories invariably equals more money), i did end up spending more than i would have preferred. although all in the name of restoring my health (and my pants size).

the wins:

i managed to print 4 more $.55/1 coupons, got 4 more cans of old el paso green chiles (on sale for $1 each), and made $.40 profit.

i also printed out 2 old el paso heat and serve sides coupons for $.50/1  @ coupons.com to go along with the $1/1 coupon i clipped from the 1/3 smartsource. also on sale for $1 each, i got all 3 for free.

sadly, the breakstones sour cream was not on sale in my neck of the woods, but @ $1.79 with a $.55/1 coupon (also from coupons.com), $.69 for a 16 oz. container is still good stuff. (and i printed out an extra in the hope that i can get a better deal next week).

the classico alfredo sauce was also on sale this week for $1.99, so i put that buy one alfredo get one pasta sauce coupon from the 1/10 smartsource to work, and got them both for $1 each.

hostess 100 calorie packs were on sale for $2.69, and that $.75/1 coupon (again from coupons.com- nice work this week guys!) doubled to make them $1.19. score!

i also grabbed that free sack of yoplait smoothie mix. i don’t know where my blender is right now, but i’ll make it work. has anyone tried this shit yet? is it good?

i’m not sure why i included them in the picture, but the lipton soup mix (soon to be veggie dip with the sour cream) cost $1.69 with a $1/2 coupon from the 11/15 red plum (so old!). $1.19 each. not that great, but way cheaper than the marzetti dip singles that i’ve been buying for like $4 a pop.

i also took advantage of the free grapefruits when you buy two ocean spray grapefruit juices. not a great deal @ 2 for $5 with no coupon (that’s why i put it in the pile of shame picture), but i need to get more produce in my diet.

the rest was just random lunch and dinner accessories. $29.14 for $48.62 in groceries. considering i used to spend $80 a week on bullshit, i’ll take it!



4 responses

25 01 2010

I see you bought the Yoplait smoothie… I still didn’t make mine to report on how good/sucky it was.

25 01 2010

it’s likely that it will take me several weeks to get into the basement and find my blender… but it was free! so i couldn’t wait.

25 01 2010

I dunno if what you bought qualifies for this or not but check out this link for a mail in offer for free grapefruit spoons….


25 01 2010

awesome. i love it when flamingos give me free stuff! i’m so posting this for the world to see.

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