26 01 2010

you may or may not have noticed a few new items that have popped up in the sidebar over the last week. the most brightly colored of the two is a small graphic attempting to entice you to vote for me in the portland phoenix “best of” poll.  best blog that is. i’m not really sure if i think i’m the best of anything at this point (it’s only been about 3 months), but i am trying real hard to get more people from my area to be aware that i exist. i seem somehow to be least able to communicate to the group that i am writing specifically for (although i hope that i do have at least a little appeal for those of you who are tragically “from away”). anyway, this would be a really good way for me to say “hey portland! i’m over here!”. but if you’d like some other options, here are a few portland blogs that i’m very fond of:

portland food coma

the blueberry files

portland maine daily photo

the maine maven

hilly town

the other thing you might have seen is that i now have a way to subscribe to my posts via email. i was just doing the rss thing for a while, but i understand that not everyone is down with google reader (although it is pretty hot). perhaps you’d like to know when i’m jabbering on about something pointless… or perhaps not. either way, you now have the option.



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