weekend pickthrough- local love edition

29 01 2010

can you say sticky toffee pudding?

oh linda bean, will you ever learn?

the broke socialite is gonna teach us all some manners.

in case you haven’t noticed, it’s mofo cold outside (-8 wind chill this morning). efficiency maine knows how to tell bloated heating costs to go screw.

if more portlandites don’t get into foursquare, i’m gonna be the mayor of everything!

could the salt institute be rocking any harder? check out beautiful & dangerous work by graham letorney and bask in their glow.

what modern girl doesn’t need at least one of these under the sink? (and for free!)

the only team i have ever actually wanted to join.

does anyone really make money taking online surveys? northern cheapskate gets the goods.

finally, an affordable way to be a patron of the arts.



7 responses

29 01 2010

How much are pregnancy tests in Maine? Because I definitely went to Wal-Mart in San Diego… 10 bucks. Boo on that.

29 01 2010

i actually haven’t checked yet- but will be heading out that way tomorrow. i’m banking on disappointment though. i feel like maine never gets the really low prices that a lot of the more midwestern sites seem to be advertising. on the upside, i’m generally willing to pay $5 more for things if it means i don’t have to live in the midwest, so it works out. how can people live happily being so far away from the ocean?! i’ll never understand.

29 01 2010

ha ha, I’ve never thought about it that way… it is 70 degrees today here so I guess maybe I should have to pay more than you too? But still.. blog posts about “free pregnancy tests” get me all excited. not cool midwesterners shopping at super wal-mart. not cool.

29 01 2010

actually, although i’m not a polar bear dipper, i do love to go to the beach in the winter time. it’s kind of post-apocalyptic cool. like you’re on an alien world or something. that said, i would trade this sub-zero wind chill in for a 70 degree beach day in a second.

i’ll be pretty bummed if those pregnancy tests turn out to be $10. i went back to the website where i found the coupon originally to do a little recon. she’s from georgia (also she’s way religious). technically that’s still east coast- it could happen for me! i’ll let you know tomorrow.

1 02 2010


1 02 2010

$9.54! maybe we should move to georgia. clearly, things are significantly cheaper there. total disappointment.

2 02 2010

Tragic. Just tragic. Oh well.

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