let the gambling begin.

1 02 2010

as i stated last week, i’m going to be gambing it up this month to prove to myself that gambling is not really a viable source of income.  in theory, i already know this. regardless, i repeatedly buy scratch tickets and pump quarters into slot machines because somehow i want to believe that i could be the lucky one.  hey, at least i have a  foolishly optimistic side.  also, i won’t lie- i think it will be fun to give myself permission to be hopeful and reckless. you know, for science. recklessness aside, there will be parameters.

first and foremost, the amount of money i allow myself for this little adventure, and how i spend it:

total amount allotted for the month: $250

amount to be spent weekly on scratch ticktets & powerball: $20

amount to be spent on weekend field trip to foxwoods: $100

amount to be spent on mini adventures in the world of bingo & internet gambling, etc.: $70

actually, if anyone knows of something fun that i could gamble on, let me know. (anything but animal racing- it’s just not an industry i feel good about about supporting).

for my first trick, i will buy 10 $1 scratch tickets of the same variety. i always wondered if people had more luck that way- rather than buying 10 different games. the truth will be revealed later this evening!



4 responses

2 02 2010

This is awesome. Looking forward to following your month o’ gambling.

3 02 2010

Press Your Luck – awesome! That dude is sort of 80’s hot. Or maybe it’s just 1:20 in the morning.

Bingo is fabulous, but those ladies get *serious*. You better be sure you have a legit bingo before you go yelling it out, because they will riot. The other great thing about bingo is those callers that wander around the hall and sell the peelie games, yelling out random things like “Cherry Bombs!” “Use It Or Lose It!” “Banana Bucks!” It’s sort of like an asylum, but with bingo markers.

Hey, if it doesn’t weird you out, send me your mailing address. I have the *perfect* little gift for you, and very apropos to this endeavor. cecilypigeon at cox dot net.

3 02 2010

dear lord. now i’m terrified. they’re gonna find my mangled corpse in a ditch- wrapped in a snuggie, orifices filled with polident. the horrors!! but i’m gonna do it anyway- for the banana bucks. i’ll just make sure to tell my boyfriend to call the cops if i’m not home by 10.

who am i to question free presents? bring it on! i’ll email you my address in a bit. (and thanks- that’s awesome!).

10 02 2010
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