those sexy pictures i was telling you about.

1 02 2010

ok, it’s only one picture, but still pretty sexy eh? baking day 2.0 was officially called to a close this morning a little after 1 am when i blacked out on the couch for a few minutes while i waited for my pot pies to be frozen enough to stack without destroying their structural integrity.  i don’t know that i’m ever going to be the up at dawn type, cooking all day, checking off everything on my list. i’m definitely more like the sleep until 11, screw around until 6, and then stay up until one type.

i felt like i was a little more ambitious this baking day, but also a little more successful. i only crapped out on one item (sorry chocolate lava cupcakes- sleep was more important this time), and i tried out brand new recipes for just about everything.  enchilada pie looks promising (*UPDATE- IS PROMISING). and the fake chickening of the chicken pot pie also appears to have been successful. not sure about the orange curry chicken, but we’ll work it out.

on a scale of 1 to 10 (one being complete garbage and 10 being kitchen ecstasy), i’d give it a 7. my spicy cheese muffins are a bit too spicy for me. the meatball recipe i used was actually a meatloaf recipe and yielded questionable results (slightly dry, slightly crumbly), and of course there are the missing cupcakes…



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1 02 2010
those sexy pictures i was telling you about. »Coolweather

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20 10 2010
worth the trip- get thee to the grocery store! « broke 207

[…] spend on whatever the fuck i want. zebra cakes? crisco? crystal light? i think i may re-attempt the freezer cooking dance come november (need to free up my time for nanowrimo), so maybe i’ll spend my bonus cash on […]

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