not exactly learning my lesson.

3 02 2010

gambling day 3.  feeling sorry for myself and decided to go for  a long walk. put on my “today is a bummer, but it will get better” mix (brendan benson- what i’m looking for, frou frou- let go, corrine bailey rae- put your records on, superbus- on the radio, liz phair- whip smart, and ai otsuka- sakurambo), and headed the mile across town to the west end 7-11 to buy myself a high value scratch ticket. as it turns out, the 7-11 is double sketchy at lunch time (don’t trust people who eat food kept warm by rollers), but that’s irrelevant. $5 is the most i’ve ever paid for one ticket, and it actually felt really bad handing over the cash.

um, really bad until i got back to work and realized that i won $20! as of right now, i’ve spent $15 and won $22. $7 profit isn’t really helping me learn that gambling is for suckers.

although it did make me feel better.



5 responses

3 02 2010

Awesome!! R u gonna buy an actual ticket for the big pot?

4 02 2010

oh yes. i haven’t decided if i’m going to spend this week’s remaining $5 on powerball, or if i’ll do $20 or powerball & megabucks next week. i feel like i need to consult a psychic advisor or something!

4 02 2010
Sandy M

My next door neighbor won $21000.00 on a dollar scratch ticket last year. I never win more than the ticket costs, so I don’t buy them anymore.

4 02 2010

i buy one every now and again for fun, but i almost never win anything (never over $20). i thought i would be fun to use this experiment for a big blowout to see how much you can really win. my guess is not that much (but it sure will be fun to try!).

8 02 2010

Bess, will we be reading your posts about gamblers anonymous a year from now?

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