weekend pickthrough- doing it myself edition

12 02 2010

the coolest DIY project i’ve seen in a long time.

in case you missed the “make your own conversation hearts” link from my way too long valentine’s post.

a big long list of people you should probably know. (they’re making it happen, why aren’t we?)

when stealing is actually a really good idea. (thanks for the tip emily!)

surprise! a lot of wine isn’t vegan/vegetarian.

holy circuit city batman! have you seen the pictures of the new big-ass goodwill being built in south portland?

if i was ballsier, i would dig through people’s recycling bins.

j. crew, i think we need to talk.

please stop pooping in the tub.

i think i would choose different stuff, but the lesson is still the same.



5 responses

12 02 2010

Thanks for the shoutout!

12 02 2010

any time! i’m a big fan of your work šŸ™‚ and if you think i won’t be featuring “frugal fuck-ups” in an upcoming post, you crazy.

13 02 2010

You rock. I’m a big fan of your work too! I think I have a blog crush…

16 02 2010
Michele Horne

Thank you so much for the link love. I never thought poop in the tub would get me link love… but whatever works. I am now your newest follower- I love me a good bargain-especially a local one!

16 02 2010

how could i not link love a post about pooping in the tub (and other assorted hilarities)? what kind of blog do you think i’m running here- it was my most clicked link for several days running! plus, gotta send the love to a local girl. i’m actually from augusta originally (hall dale class of ’95)- i bet we’ve crossed paths at some point in our lives. the tri-state area is weird like that. it’s more of one big town than a cluster of small states.

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