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15 02 2010

well, after a promising start, i’ve certainly broken the seal on losing at gambling. so far:

$36 spent on scratch tickets- $28 won.  -$8

$25 spent online gambling- $0 won. -$25 and a whole bunch of ridiculous hassle.

next weekend is the foxwoods trip, but i figured i needed to knock another item off my list as february is rapidly coming to a close. in comes powerball. i mean- POWERBALL!! i bought 4 random pick numbers today at the scary 7-11 on washington ave (you know, the one where you can get sponch?), and now i guess i just wait until wednesday.

not very exciting at first, but then you stare at your ticket for a while and realize that the next jackpot is valued at $40,000,000. that’s some serious walkin around money. and you start to fantasize about what you would do if you won the whole pantload… sure i’d buy my mom a house, quit my job and go to medical school, go see the pyramids…  probably the same stuff that all lottery winners do. but then what?

i could trade in all my regular clothes and start lounging around in something a little more fabulous. (that is assuming that i can buy some sort of pill that makes me never have to go to the bathroom- because the logistics here aren’t working for me).

i could be driving one of these puppies (just like dolly in straight talk). although i should probably hire someone to teach me how to drive first.

i could try do buy a date with this guy. as long as he promises not to wear this. (orange turtleneck? really?)

hell, i could get myself some diamond studded brass knuckles and go apeshit. (ok, they’re diamonique- but i could commission that shit if i had 40 mil).




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15 02 2010

are you serious? any person looking to get a grip on their $$ issues…does not gamble. you are sad, sad, sad.

15 02 2010

kareen: i am pleased to announce that you are officially my first negative comment! i think that means i’m getting famous 🙂 but seriously, i get it. i know that me gambling seems counter-intuitive, and probably just plain wrong, but a huge part of this blog is me exploring my relationship with money from all angles. i do think there is a part of me somewhere that wants to buy into the get rich quickness of lottery (and other financial wastes of time), and i’m trying to sort that out this month. if you read through some of my other posts on the subject, i hope you’ll see that i knew up front that gambling wasn’t a viable source of income, and that i’m actually really struggling to give away (because isn’t that what gambling really is?) even the fairly small amount allotted to this experiment. anyway, thank you for stopping in, and maybe if you stick around- you’ll find that i’m not nearly as sad as you think. or maybe i’m exactly as sad as you think, but you find that entertaining, who knows?

15 02 2010

The first time I ever bought a lottery ticket – in Florida – I bought ONE. One ticket. And the jackpot was 80 million dollars! I was SO FREAKIN EXCITED, just positive I was going to win. My heart started pumping as 11 pm neared, man I was jacked up. I was hyperventilating by the time they started dropping the ping-pong balls…

Only to feel like the worlds biggest fool when, of course, I didn’t even match one number, much less all 6.

It was so weird. I mean – what made me think I was going to win? Total delusionism, with maybe a bit of pollyannism thrown in.

15 02 2010

they have that “dream a little” slogan for the megabucks up here that capitalizes on exactly that delusion. it’s sort of an exploded version of hope with a dash of foolishness on the side. even knowing that, i won’t lie and say that i’m not excited for wednesday. although especially after blowing through $36 worth of mostly losing scratch tickets, i’m starting to feel a little bit less optimistic about my odds. i have a feeling that after this little experiment, my gambling days will be over for a while. on the upside, a good chunk of it goes back into the state- and we certainly have more than our fair share of potholes right now.

15 02 2010

Congrats on the Press Herald article!

15 02 2010

thank you! i feel famous today, and it’s kicking ass all over town. i even got my first negative comment!

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