add it up.

16 02 2010

i’ve found them in hotel bar couch cushions, underneath potato chip racks, chipped them out of the ice with a ball-point pen, and rescued them from laundromat lint trays.  i’ve scanned sidewalks and check-out lanes from portland to jonesport (and all stops in between- and a few below), and dodged sideways glances from people who either thought i was a complete weirdo, or were jealous they didn’t get to it first.  all in all there were:

885 pennies

56 nickels

177 dimes

51 quarters

8 pieces of paper money (2 twenties, 1 five, & 5 ones)

1 golden dollar

*i also found 9 canadian pennies, 2 chuck e. cheese tokens, 1 boston subway token, and a few other assorted pieces of undefinable foreign currency.

for a grand total of $93.10. that’s roughly $.25 a day. not bad.

which means that cassie– with your guess of $89.50 (the closest without going over), you are the winner! woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot! good times.

p.s. extra props to the boyfriend who counted and cataloged every last penny of it on his day off.



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16 02 2010

Awesome! Thanks! I’m sooo excited! What did the boyfriend get in exchange for the counting? The Chuckie Cheese tokens maybe?

16 02 2010

he wishes! but maybe if you’re lucky i’ll slip one into the bank. you could be playing so much skeeball and eating so much crappy pizza in the word’s germiest ball pit. awesome.

16 02 2010

I found a Chuck E. Cheese token on the sidewalk in front of my house once… thought it was kinda weird and would have rather had a quarter!

16 02 2010

maybe if you took it to a chuck e. cheese in your area you could scalp it outside for $.10. more if the kid is a little slow. and let me just tell you that the really stupid kids hang out at the chuck e. cheese. look for kid with his hand stuck in the claw machine.

17 02 2010

Wow! So many pennies! Glad I got to witness your penny magic first hand last weekend.

17 02 2010

and i’ve got 5 more in my pocket from my lunchbreak today (and a dime, and a nickel). we can go penny hunting together when you move back to maine (soon please!). xoxox

17 02 2010

You should try Bingo. With your friend Kristina. This is not from your friend Kristina, who is a busy lawyer and does not read blogs at work.

17 02 2010

i should try bingo. i bet jenny & josh would really like that. too bad kristina’s so busy- otherwise i would invite her too. p.s. who is imogen flowers, and can i dare her to do some pg-13 stuff? xo.

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