masochist for jesus.

17 02 2010

oh lent. as a lapsed catholic who’s been lapsed for longer than she was actually ever catholic in the first place (8th grade graduation from st. mary’s in augusta was the last time i went to church and never looked back), you wouldn’t think that the whole lent deal would be my thing. maybe it’s nostalgia for my nun-riddled past (remember that time that sister anne marie’s habit fell of in 3rd grade? priceless!)? wait no, definitely not.

it’s probably just that i am always willing and excited to “accept the physical challenge“, religious or secular. lent is like a game to me, a game of self-denial and physical/emotional limits (depending on what you’re giving up), with a built in team of players to provide the necessary solidarity to make giving up something that you love for 40 days actually kind of fun.

this year, on account of my fatness, i’m giving up sugar- or rather sweet food. i’m not going to go all nuts and not eat ketchup or anything just because it has a bit of high fructose corn syrup in it. but definitely no desserts, sugar cereals, vitamin waters, crappy girl drinks ending in -tini, bank lollipops, nothin. i have high hopes for how this next 40 days will affect my physical bottom line (as in my ass- currently stuffed sausage-style into double digit pants), as well as my financial bottom line. i’m pretty sure i spend a lot of money on garbage food (ancient m&ms from the flea market vending machine!), and not so garbage food (two fat cats!). much of it/most of it on impulse. people always whine about whole foods/whole paycheck being so expensive- but obesity has a pretty price tag of its own. *UPDATE* i just accidentally spent $14 at the whole foods on gelato, snackimals, vegan buffalo wings, and little lad’s herbal corn– I’M HOPELESS!

it’s ash wednesday people, and lent starts now (or on monday for those of us who don’t want our foxwoods trip ruined by abstaining from the dessert cart at the all-you-can-eat buffet ). anyone else on board for 40 days of something-less-ness?



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17 02 2010

I am, but I need to figure out the perfect thing to give up. Unfortunately, sleep is not an option, although we all know I indulge to excess in that. No dessert might make me cry, but I suppose I could try it. It’s my first lent, so I don’t want to overdo it. I know! Baked Lay’s. I will go 40 days without any Lay’s.

17 02 2010

baby steps my dear! don’t want to blow your load on your first lent!

17 02 2010
Coupons and Cashmere

I always feel like such a smug ass cheater at lent because we don’t eat that much meat anyways. Maybe I could give up the swearing…um….starting now…

17 02 2010

omg! not swearing for 40 days might just kill me. also, i don’t think this blog would be nearly as entertaining. i’m already veg, so i always have to come up with something else exciting to give up. last year it was butter and plastic shopping bags. sugar will be a challenge for sure. if i don’t make it, tell my family that i love them 😉

18 02 2010

Jesus died for our sins, so I’m pretty sure giving up something sinful for 40 days is like saying, “no thanks, Jesus.” Shouldn’t we be trying to maximize his sacrifice by being as sinful as possible? That’s the message I get.

18 02 2010

you make an excellent point. although i’m not really too worried about offending jesus- he’s been offended by me for a very long time. also, i can’t afford to buy more pants. i’m just going to have to eat all the panna cotta this weekend.

p.s. thank you for saying something more offensive than “masochist for jesus”, it draws the attention away from the problem area.

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