day 1- the big shill

3 03 2010

ok, technically it’s day two, but day one of me actually trying to do anything. i wasted most of the day at work, and then seeing a terrible movie (wolfman! no me gusta!), but since the PT showclub told me to call back later… i had to do SOMETHING today. i’ve decided that while i’m organizing the big ebay purge, i would try to sell some of my more marketable skills on craigslist.

first stop, personal organization. this is actually something i would do for a job if i thought i could actually make a decent living with health insurance. i totally get the jollies from sorting big piles of mismatched crap into neat little stacks, piles, and jars (labeled for extra jollies). but would anyone actually pay me to do it? according to the one website i looked at, real personal organizers charge $55-$85 bucks an hour. of course those people are probably certified and experienced. i have been known to organize my friend’s stuff when they’re not around… but really i’m more of a hobbyist  than a professional. whatever *throws caution to wind*! i figured i would make a charming little ad where i would charge $15 an hour (i’ve gotta make it sexy, right?), throw it out there, and hope for the best. i don’t have too much riding on this one, but it’s an experiment, so why not.

i was thinking that maybe i could put up another ad for graphic design. what else can i do?  what do you think people would you pay for?



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3 03 2010

Sewing skills.

3 03 2010

that’s the best idea i’ve heard all day.

3 03 2010

How about writin’? Copywriting, editing, etc…You can clearly put coherent and hysterical sentences together.

Also medical experiments. I knew a lady who in her broke college days used to “spread for science.”

And lastly, two words. Coupon class.

3 03 2010

you’re sweet! but although i can capitalize my letters when necessary (i just think it looks prettier without), my punctuation and penchant for run on sentences probably counts me out of anything writing related above a 6th grade level (anybody need some junior high book reports?). i would definitely be all about spreading for science!! unfortunately, it doesn’t look like there are any places in maine that do it. maybe we should talk about starting a coupon class together at our coffee date this weekend? (which i will write back to you about today. i know i suck). we could be the mary and rhoda of coupon clipping (that is, only if i get to be the rhoda).

3 03 2010

umm. would you do basements? scary, spidery, darkish, webbish, basements? because we’d certainly be willing to fork over some cash for such a thing.

3 03 2010

sure i do basements. at this point, i’ll do pretty much anything that isn’t illegal or doesn’t involve a lot of body fluids (do you have a lot of body fluids in your basement?).

3 03 2010
Brent Danley

My mother does a fair bit of business organizing for people. She seems to get a lot of repeat business. 😉

How did it go at Amateur Night?

3 03 2010

that’s cool! i’ve always really wanted to try it as a job, but when you live from paycheck to paycheck- there’s a fear of not having a paycheck. go figure 🙂 how did she get started?

amateur night isn’t until thursday, but i’m not sure i have the cojones to do it. for starters i just want to talk to someone about what it’s like, how much $ can be made, and if anyone will throw some nickels at my fat ass… i’ll keep you posted. 🙂

3 03 2010

Aim for the last slot at amateur night – they’ll all be so drunk at that point that even Martha Stewart would look good.

And you can always babysit my kids, though I don’t have any money either ;*( Did you get their thank you notes?


4 03 2010

that’s an excellent point. if i ever work up the balls to do it, i will remember that. although i don’t know what you’re talking about, martha stewart is a very handsome woman…

you can tell the girls that i got their thank you note and it’s on my fridge as we speak. it seriously made my day. anna’s cursive is so good!

my rule for this project is that i’m not charging for things that i would do for friends and family for free under any other circumstances. so if you need someone to watch the girls, i’m happy to do it free of charge. save for the part where i don’t know how to change i diaper…

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