weekend picktrhough- surprising walnut edition

5 03 2010

day 5. still have zero dollars in the kitty for my little project. it’s a really good thing that i don’t have an actual emergency to tend to. although i do wish i could muster up the sense of urgency i need to really make this experiment work. also, i overselpt and forgot to bring my coinstar change to work with me.  this week was such a fucking wreck. to distract from the “problem area”, here are some interesting and useful tips from some other (far more put together) websites:

paint chips are beautiful and free. and for anyone who ever had to buy coloraid for art school, it’s the perfect poor man’s substitution.

we talked a lot about taking surveys for money this week, and this article is a near perfect round-up of everything you could possibly ever want to know. (and by near perfect i mean there’s not enough profanity for my taste). thanks for the link commenter katherine!

free P&G coupons for shaw’s card holders!!! (and they’re even valid in maine- woot!)

30% off for recycling.

hell hath no fury like 5 sticks of butter. (throw a couple of cakeballs on there, and i’m pretty sure we’re in business).

“in a stunning darwinian moment, jake’s dad immediately begins to cry, proving that the pussy gene is indeed hereditary.”

you did WHAT with a walnut?

$10/10 online with your old navy card. nice.

want! want! want!

this is more wrong than anything that has ever been wrong in the history of wrongness.



6 responses

5 03 2010

i got tricked into reading the survey taking link because i read fast and thought you wrote there WAS enough profanity

5 03 2010

noooooooooooooooo! motherfucking noooooooooooooooo! i’m sorry that you were led astray… although it was a pretty informative article, i don’t really think a website called “momsbyheart” is really gonna be turning up the profanity.

11 03 2010

No. Effin. Way. Vajazzles scares the bejeezus outta me. I’m completely speechless.

11 03 2010

it’s gotta be like having a cheese grater attached to your… um.. ya ya sisterhood. not comfortable for romantic partners!

15 03 2010

Not to mention how in the hell is she planning to shave that again, when everything starts growing back? Can you USE Nair on your nether regions?

15 03 2010

i bet they get everywhere. i wonder how many plumbers get called because the drain trap is filled with vajazzles?! seriously people, LOGISTICAL PROBLEMS.

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