10 03 2010

not sure what’s been going on with me lately. feeling super off my game, and like i haven’t really been going after this month’s challenge with the amount of gusto that it deserves. also, i haven’t done a big deal scenario at rite aid or shaw’s in WEEKS. i’ve been doing a little stock-taking this morning, and here are some critical areas of failure:

1. had one too many greyhounds at sonny’s last night and missed my window to dig through people’s recycling bins for box tops. in a related event, i also missed my window to be on time for work.

2. still holding strong at $21.97. $978.03 to go, and franky it will be a miracle if i can even get to $100.

3. another $8 in extrabucks has quietly passed, forgotten in my coupon folder for too many weeks.

4. i must be slacking because i am officially OUT OF TOILET PAPER.

5. i completely forgot to host a march giveaway! do you guys still want one? what do you want?

not to mention the fact that my last two post have been a restaurant review and a nonsensical rant about the reverse oscars. i know! i’m a mess, and i’m sorry. will try to up the content quality in the coming day. in the meantime, enjoy this urinal joke.



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10 03 2010

Hey, we all have these kinds of days! Don’t feel bad about your “blogging lapse’ because just to commit to write a daily blog is an accomplishment in itself. I know I would never be able to do it. And if I did, I’d be wondering what I got myself into!
Love, Love, Love giveaways! So, yes!, When you have the time….
Have you thought of redeeming bottles and cans with deposits on them to help your money-saving endeavor grow? I live in Mass. and we are limited on what is returnable and what is not, but Maine allows you to return lots more. Check it out because you may be pleasantly surprised what you will find while scouring for boxtops! (and other items of interest) Love your blog!

10 03 2010

thank you so much! that actually makes me feel a lot better. it’s amazing to know that people are reading my little blog, but it’s also terrifying to know that i can let people down. i’m still trying to work out the kinks, and just try to remember that i started this whole mess because i wanted 2 things: to learn how to save money, and to have a reason to write every day. i returned some bottles this weekend and made a whopping $7.25, but there are a lot of transients in town who collect bottles from people’s recycling bins, and it doesn’t really feel fair for me to tread on their territory. however, i will be drinking a lot of beer this month!

10 03 2010
The Coupon Goddess

The $21.97 works for me. LOL! No seriously, we’ll take whatever you have, childcare services, house cleaning, pooper scooping. Were easy.

10 03 2010

i might draw the line at pooper scooping. is there actually a scoop involved, or do i just have to use my hand and an inside out bag?

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