weird about town.

12 03 2010

in yet another non-money related post, i would like to take this opportunity to pimp my new flickr library “weird about town“. basically, me and my constant companion iphone do a lot of traveling. and during said travels, crazy ass shit is found. i try to photograph said crazy ass shit as often as i can, and i finally feel like i have enough to warrant a photo set. some highlights include: googly eyes, donut trees, aluminum jesus, homies, yetis, tits, and of course… the super kegel. please remember that i am by no means a great photographer, and also that the iphone camera kind of blows. it’s not about the artistry people, it’s about the content. specifically the content about tits and bjs.



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12 03 2010

too funny! i so needed that this afternoon… 🙂

12 03 2010

thanks! i’m glad you enjoyed them. perhaps we will experience something at the fabric store worthy of photographing. adventure!

12 03 2010

It’s amazing the stuff you find in thrift stores isn’t? Makes you wonder first of all, where the hell people buy shit like that in the first place and second of all, what the hell were they thinking when they bought it?

By the way, I got my grapefruit spoons today… and holy hell did they mess my name up on the envelope. Apparently my printing wasn’t good enough? I know I specifically wrote JEN and it was Jenny on the envelope (and I HATE being called that) and they added a letter to my last name. Oh well, the spoons are cute and pink but seem like they could break quite easily. Now I have to get some grapefruit.

12 03 2010

it never ceases to amaze and delight me. i mean, who had the brilliant idea to write the words “fatty girl” in sequins on a jean skirt. i need to meet them, and shake their hand.

i’m jealous of your grapefruit spoons!! somehow i managed to blow that one off just long enough for it to expire. although the truth of the matter is that i peel my grapefruits like oranges, so it’s not too much of a loss. as for the name misspelling… my first name is alexandra, and i get alexandria, or better yet alexander all the time. even the social security office got it wrong once (although if i ever want to change genders, i’ve already got the social security card)!!! it’s like people read the first few letters, get tired, and then make up the rest. although there is no excuse for spelling jen wrong. you should send them a nasty email. maybe they’ll send you more grapefruit spoons?

15 03 2010

I love the donut tree! Great pics.

15 03 2010

thanks! those are the moments that i love living in a city like portland. our high population of art school students means that i stumble upon crazy stuff like this all the time. hopefully, more to come!

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