sick day.

16 03 2010

i’ve been bragging a lot about how i never get sick. last time i did, i barfed for two days. this time, i have become the world’s most foremost producer of mucous. i am grotesque. i spent the better half of the day at work sitting at my desk trying to will my brain case not to explode and cover my whole office with goo. the latter half, i spent face down on my couch whacked out on dayquil. why is this relevant you ask?  well, i speak today on the subject of good timing.

yesterday after work, before the snot avalanche began, i took a trip to rite aid in search of toilet paper. how dare i run out in the first place, but especially during a week where nothing that great is happening in the paper products category.  but poor planning and making do are what i’m good for, so here’s what i came up with:

2 12-packs of cottonelle on sale for $5.99 each.
6 boxes puffs plus (with lotion- for my mangled nose) @ $.79 each.
1 box kashi heart to heart cereal @ $4.99.

total: $21.71


$5/$20 rite aid video values coupon.
2 $1/1 cottonelle video values coupons (one from last month and one from this month).
$1.50 in random cottonelle newspaper coupons that i had in the stash.
$1/6 puffs plus coupon (again from the newspaper stash).
1 free box of kashi heart to heart cereal or crackers coupon from vocalpoint (i fucking love those guys, and they don’t even pay me to do it).

= $6.22.

no, it’s not free. but in a pinch, 24 rolls of decent toilet paper, a box of fancy pants cereal, and 6 boxes of tissues for $6 is still pretty damn decent.  but back to the good timing. the universe may be punishing me for bragging about my iron immune system (seeming more like aluminum lately), but at least it had mercy enough to get me to buy 6 boxes of tissues in advance. might i add, 3 of which are already open and half gone (upstairs, downstairs, and work).



8 responses

16 03 2010
Brent Danley

I hope you’re feeling better soon. I feel pretty shitty, too. 😦

16 03 2010

thanks! at least we have solidarity… and nyquil… i hope you feel better too!

16 03 2010

Feel better! My allergies have been kicking my ass already so I feel your pain!

16 03 2010

thanks! mercifully, my allergies seem ok lately. maybe they feel like i have enough to worry about right now? do you take daily beds for your suffering? as much as i whine about the expense, zyrtec really changed my life.

17 03 2010

My mom is a nurse, she told me to take Loratadine (active ingredient in Claritin and sooooooooo much cheaper to just buy that!). That didn’t help me a whole hell of a lot. Now, I got Guaifenesin which is the active ingredient in Mucinex. I’ve only been taking it for a few days (oh my god the pills smell rotten and they taste just as bad. I have to force them down with yogurt or something and I still wanna gag) but they already seem to be helping. I considered trying some Zyrtec with the Rite Aid deal. I also love Advil Cold & Sinus.

18 03 2010

i never had any luck with claritin. my allergies are far too potent. for a long time actually, my body would get covered in hives during allergy season and i would have to take 2 zyrtec and a prednisone just to be alive int he world. totally sucked. now i’m down to one, but damn has zyrtec been robbing me blind since college. i’ve never tried mucinex. sounds disgusting, but you say that it works? i could definitely use a mucous exorcism right now.

18 03 2010

Try the Guaifenesin, it really does seem to help me. And I can tell you that not all of smells/tastes that nasty. I don’t know if its something that’s in it or what but ick. My latest thing is taking magnesium and Feverfew for my migraines. As of now I have this tincture of Feverfew. Took it yesterday and today and it is fucking horrible! I only take 30 drops (which looks like nothing in a shot glass) but I’d choke down the whole bottle if it keeps me from getting migraines! Oh… and Flintstones vitamins cuz they are YUMMY.

18 03 2010

i’m sorry you have to take so many gross medicines! all of mine are small and tasteless, although the dayquil i took on tuesday were so gigantic that i barely choked them down without barfing. agreed about the flintstones vitamins being tasty, although i do remember them tasting even ess vitamin-y when i was a kid. unfortunately, i recently realized that they have gelatin in them, which equals big vegetarian bummer 😦

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