21 03 2010

one of my very favorite frugal blogs (and local no less), the portland penny pincher, has a little thing she calls frugal fuck-ups. ok, actually she demurely calls them frugal f-ups, but we know what she’s talking about. basically, it’s any attempt at saving money gone horribly wrong. a while ago, i informed her that the next time i had a really serious couponing cock-up, i would be giving her a little shout out. well, today is the day.

so several days ago, i had a big ole boner about the $.96 zyrtec deal. i had it all plotted out. i would go to the 2 peninsula rite aids (both sketchy as hell) on alternating days, completing my mission, and spreading things out enough so that the rite aid cashiers don’t think i’m making crystal meth or something.

day 1. grabbed the wrong zyrtec coupon (the $2 instead of the $4 for the liquid gels), and i actually needed the pills that night so i had to go through with it. $18.99 minus $3/$15 and $2/1 zyrtec coupon. $13.99 OOP.

*got sick in here somewhere and didn’t make it to rite aid again until thursday*

day 2. had all the coupons this time, just in case. good thing. terrifying west end rite aid didn’t have any of the 25 count liquid gels. gave myself a quarter sized blister walking a mile across town to get there, and refused to leave empty handed. $18.99 minus $3/$15 and $2/1 zyrtec coupon. $13.99 OOP.

day 3. back to my neighborhood rite aid with the drunks (well, the familiar drunks). finally, they have the 25 count liquid gels, and i have the right coupons. sort of. as it turn out, the $2/1 from the rite aid video values site is for the 40 count only. damn. also, i’m hungry so i buy a too expensive granola bar (fullbar) $2.39, and a bottled water $.99. $3.38 for the snack plus $18.99 for the pills, and minus $4/1 zyrtec coupon and a $5/20 from the rite aid video values site. $13.39 OOP.

day 4. it’s saturday, and somehow find my way to the gorham rite aid, hoping to find more liquid gels. bunk. it is cleaner and with less people buying malt liquor, but they only have the 40 and 70 count liquid gels left. i dig out a $2/1 zyrtec coupon that i got from somewhere, knowing that the $18.99 price will be gone tomorrow. oh, and somewhere there’s some cadbury mini eggs in there. fuck. $18.99 minus $3/$15 and $2/1 zyrtec coupon, plus $.88 for the candy. $14.87 OOP.

total: $56.24 minus $25 J&J SCR, and $20 zyrtec allergy rewards= $11.24.

um… not exactly $.96.

still better than the $50 a month i was paying when it was a prescription…. but i really need to pay more attention next time! check minus, room for improvement.



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22 03 2010

Thanks for the shout-out! I am currently in a battle of emails with Rite Aid over the Johnson & Johnson rebate (okay, by battle I just mean I sent them a stern but polite email)~ I bought the same Neutrogena shampoo three times– two of the times it went through on the scr website thingy as approved for the rebate, and the third time, no. What the f?

22 03 2010

well deserved, and completely overdue. i can’t believe it took me this long to screw something up bad enough! that’s so weird about rite aid, i’m having EXACTLY the same problem. i bought 4 zyrtecs last week, and for some reason only 3 of them have shown up under allergy rewards! did they write back? should i sent them a nasty note too?

23 03 2010

My research (sluttin’ around on coupon websites) indicates that they’re having some issues with their system and the scrs. Hopefully this will be remedied soon! They wrote back but it was something cryptical like “please give it time to clear.” WTF? And I still haven’t received my Olympic pin.

23 03 2010

you know, i also have still not received my olympic pin. bastards! perhaps i’ll have my lawyer start drawing up a formal letter of complaint. although my allergy rewards did finally go through. my $20 certificate is in the mail yo!

26 03 2010
Michelle L.

I did the Zyrtec deal, as you recommended. Only 3 out of 4 transactions showed up under the allergy rewards. I just got off the phone with Rite-Aid and she pushed the 4th receipt through. Apparently, it was stuck in the system. They just wanted to keep my $20. I don’t think so!!

Thanks, again, for the post. I actually made money on the deal!

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