weekend pickthrough- jammed full edition.

26 03 2010

i’ve been struggling the last few weeks to find anything worth tooting about, but after much poking about and general  twitter whoring this week, i just found a ton of fucking awesome shit that i’m really excited about. and i hope you will be too.

the foolproof formula for nancy drew. (thanks duke!)

stalk your food on the internet before you eat it.

finally, an infographic that informs me what i should be outraged about.

happy birthday happy meal! (you haven’t aged a day! literally. and frankly i’m finding it both gross and scary)

don’t be too bummed that the goodwill on st. john street is closing. the circuit city sized new kid in town opens today!

the greatest snack food ever conceived. also possibly the grossest snack food ever conceived. (thanks japan!)

still time to get your entries in for the goodbye justin ellis photoshop contest (simultaneously hilarious and heartbreaking)

a treatise on the sexiness of the used book by the bookslut.

2 very amazing portland locals showing off their best tricks on apartment therapy.

santa clause is coming to town! wait, not santa? better than santa? (i can’t even believe that this is happening)



4 responses

26 03 2010

OMG those Cheetos look fucking NASTY!!!

28 03 2010

god i love the japanese. they look gross, but i will try pretty much anything once. they’re not for sale anywhere that i can find, so i’ll just have to make do with these strong consomme cheetos and this strawberry crunky. (both available from my fav japanese import website jlist). glad to know that chester cheetah is multi-lingual.

27 03 2010

That’s funny it mentions the Ben Fold’s guy [thus the Ben Folds tribute to him], I didn’t realize he was already suck a meme.

28 03 2010

wait. there’s a ben folds guy on chatroulette, other than ben folds? also, what meme is he/they stuck in?

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