weekend pickthrough- stale peeps edition.

2 04 2010

i won’t eat them, but i can certainly still enjoy a good peeps show.

how dare they present this as a comprehensive list of venn diagrams, when they’ve omitted the king of them all?

some interesting ideas about coupons and class. (via the portland penny pincher)

in honor of our recent visit from the POTUS, a little lesson in teabonics.

is it possible for couponing to go…TOO FAR? (outrageous!)

videoport jones may be unmasked, but he still has good things to say.

finally! a budget style magazine that is actually stylish (sorry all you, but your wal*mart pedigree REALLY SHOWS).

it is the meaning of life after all, 42 lessons from frugal bloggers.

ohmygod it’s a going out of business sale! what do i do?

finally, after much deliberation, i’ve decided not to host the gelatin yogurt giveaway. i was going to give away the robe, but then i heard about this. sorry suckas! seriously though, the company has graciously offered me another giveaway that is both environmentally responsible and entirely meat free (and not too lame according to the pcitures). details forthcoming.

p.s. look to your right. you might notice a new sidebar item over there. even though they don’t have anything to do with brokeness, they have everything to do with 207. i present for your pleasure a list of my favorite local blogs (of all varieties). did i miss any?



11 responses

2 04 2010

That’s an interesting theory about coupons. There may be a bit of truth about the confidence issue – I would have rather died than used a coupon when I was younger! God, if I only knew then what I know now 🙂

3 04 2010

it took me such a long time to get the cojones to use them. and still sometimes i have a hard time in places like the whole foods (where i already feel like i’m not cool enough to shop there). to reduce stress, i always try to find the oldest female cashier that i can. they seem both more patient, and more understanding of the value of a good deal. regardless, i always make sure that i have my coupons in hand (in order if necessary), point out any that are bogo or free product when i hand them over at the beginning of the transaction, and apologize/thank profusely if anything goes wrong or takes extra time. that seems to help cut down on the eye rolls and sighs a little.

2 04 2010

Some people do take it to the extreme but if you are intending to donate and you can get the deals then why not? To me there are FAR worse addictions to have! My mom said to me the other day “it isn’t about the stuff is it? It’s about the deal you can get isn’t it?” I told her that yes, that is exactly what it is. If I can purchase stuff and turn a profit you bet I am gonna do it!

3 04 2010

your mom is right. it totally isn’t the stuff, it’s the game. although the stuff is nice too. i haven’t paid for toothpaste in over a year. i definitely don’t have it in me to do the huge deals, but my personal hero, the coupon goddess, makes unbelievable donations to her local food bank. if you’ve gotta go big, you gotta give. NOBODY need 240 boxes of cocoa puffs.

2 04 2010

Thank you for the link! I remain, as ever, a blog hits slave…

3 04 2010

you’re very welcome! i like what you do (both in and out of the videoport). you and justin were a great team. i got a little misty when i read his bon voyage article.

2 04 2010

i gotta agree with the article on coupons and class. i have had to argue with clerks so many times i’ve lost count. mostly at drugstores, and mainly because they don’t know their own coupon policy. i can see how that would be intimidating to some people, as well as other customers giving you the evil eye when you fork over a pile of coupons. i coupon as a hobby with a great payback-i gave up some destructive behaviors and substituted this. most people have no clue how much time it takes to find great deals. as far as those “extreme” couponers, i just don’t get it. when you have that much stuff, don’t donate it, could never consume it all, and just keep it to have it, you have a problem.

good call on keeping the bathrobe for the dudefest!

2 04 2010

That teabonics link was the funniest thing ever! Thank you for that!!!

3 04 2010

somebody sent it too me at work on wednesday, and i totally almost peed my pants trying not to laugh out loud. i hear that the maine teabag contingent didn’t disappoint with their grammar/spelling on thursday when the POTUS came to town.

22 04 2010

Bess, thanks a million for the shout-out and the kudos for Shoestring Magazine. You just made my day. Keep in touch, OK? And best of luck with this blog! Love the header graphic.

~ Melissa, founder & “stealfinder in chief”

23 04 2010

thanks, and you’re very welcome! i have long thought there needed to be a down and dirty cheapster magazine (as opposed to the pseudo-frugal and now defunct “budget living” which never quite got it). i’m a huge fan of what you do and how you do it. stay tuned for future website pimps!

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