sexy times.

4 04 2010

a little over a week ago, fabulous reader winnie sent me a sexy little letter she had written to stop & shop. hilarious. erotic! i think she’s invented a new genre: COUPON PORN. i had meant to include it in this week’s weekend pickthrough, but in my 2 am delirium, i completely dropped the ball. no bother. it more than deserves its own post anyway. thank you winnie!



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4 04 2010

Coupon porn! Now there’s something I can get on board with. I love it.

4 04 2010
Winnie P.

Aw, shucks…I’m blushing!

4 04 2010

you’re famous! and very rightfully so. thanks again for letting me post this bitch. it’s hot hot hot.

4 04 2010

hahahahaha! Awesome!

4 04 2010


5 04 2010

Love it!

7 04 2010

Did you mail it? Did they reply? Dying to know…

9 04 2010
Winnie P.

No, I didn’t mail it…just some fun fantasy writing!
I wonder how they would reply if I did send it…

10 04 2010

i think you should totally send it to them. maybe they’d put out more coupons if they knew how hot and heavy it made us?

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