from the annals of sleep dep.

7 04 2010

i’m a crazy person.  i have a bad habit of wanting things to be perfect and being willing to completely sacrifice reason in my pursuit. case and point, no sleep. spent last night attempting to manufacture the best mermaid costumes ever for a friend’s upcoming dance show. sure, i could have left them plain and called it done, but that’s not my style.  instead i pushed on (hand painting scale detail onto each pair of custom mermaid pants) into the wee hours of the morn. 2 episodes of criminal minds (go nerdly!), the money pit, the house bunny, sense and sensibility, and one hour of very unsatisfying couch sleep later… i still have to rush home to finish the project by 7. but i THINK it will look nice. hope is out the window. hope can’t save me now.

anyway, i’m fucking delirious right now, and you would be too if you just spent the last 14 hours making glitter fishpants. so i apologize for not making much sense. also, i’m sorry that it’s been a low couple of days here for content. i’m hoping to bang out a couple of posts tonight on the ole lappy while i’m watching dress rehearsal. although i might also just nod off into a puddle of my own sleep drool. either way, i’ll be back soon with actual real posts about something. anything! oh, and i’ve got 2 giveaways coming up- so you’ll want to think about that.



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7 04 2010
not your friend Kristina, but totally someone else

If you were really that tired, you would have accidentally called this post “from the anals of sleep dep.” and I would have had a good laugh. But you are a poser. I only got 7 hours of sleep last night, and even less the night before- now THAT’S sleep deprivation….in a person with hypersomnia. Hmmm…I’m rambling too…..the deprivation is CATCHING!

8 04 2010
Winnie P.

I was right there with the “anals”, too…

8 04 2010

i suppose i should have thought that title through a little better. but on the other hand, i was completely insane with lack of sleep. also, who doesn’t love a good reason to make an anal joke?

8 04 2010
Deep Sleep Deprivation

What’s past the “anals”?

8 04 2010

even my spammers are making anal jokes!

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