17 04 2010

i felt sort of bad leaving them there… but there is something even too gross for me about picking up pennies on the mall bathroom floor. also, how does one skirt the stigma? place was packed. am i emotionally resilient enough to overhear mothers tell their young daughters how dirty i am?



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18 04 2010

I would totally leave pennies on the bathroom floor, that is sort of disgusting. Also the mall bathrooms in general especially the one by the food court are nasty..so yeah you made the right choice.

19 04 2010

i’m really not grossed out by much, but the mall bathroom floor is especially nasty. although, as stated above, had no one been in the restroom… i would have picked them up in a heartbeat.

18 04 2010

Here’s a question…How do you know the pennies in your wallet(or pocket, at the bottom of your purse, etc) haven’t been on the bathroom floor?

19 04 2010

or, up this guy’s ass (one of the greatest comedy sketches of ALL TIME). the truth is that everything is gross if you think about it hard enough.

18 04 2010

Kelly is right… and doesn’t like 95% of money have traces of cocaine on it or something too? I guess you gotta ask yourself… which is worse… crack or piss?

19 04 2010

i don’t know about you, but i’ll take crack over urine any day of the week. that said, i’m not at all germaphoby , and if there hadn’t been anyone in the bathroom, i would have picked them up no problem. although i also would have washed my hands thoroughly afterward. it was really more about the stigma of picking them up in front of people that was the main deterrent. i know, i’m gross!

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