why does proctor & gamble hate me so much?

20 04 2010

today was a long day. up til 2 am watching medical shows last night (it’s mystery diagnosis monday!), and was dragging ass all day. then there was that time i got my my finger mangled in the file cabinet. ok, maybe not mangled, but temporarily squashed and bloody. surprisingly bloody. anyway, bunk day. so i haul my carcass up the hill and there is this beautiful bright blue box waiting on the coffee table. good news everyone! apparently, my P&G brandsaver had arrived!

i tore into that bitch so fast. what? a metamucil packet and 3 coupons for liquid tide (which BTW i’m allergic to). oh, and a whole lotta empty box (it was like a shoe box with two scraps of paper rattling around inside). so i ask you again, why doesn’t P&G love me like everyone else? why don’t they care about my bad day or my bloody finger? they just want me to poop and get hives. boo-urns. disappointing coupons are worse than no coupons at all. did P&G show anyone else more love than me?



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20 04 2010

Aww, it’s not just you they hate. Apparently they hate the whole State of Maine! No rebates for us…seems when it comes to complying with that stupid state law restricting info that they can collect they’d rather take the easy way out.

20 04 2010

maybe they’ve written us off as a state because we will never be able to participate in their olay rebates. or maybe they just hate us for no reason. who knows, maybe maine dated their mom for a while after their parents got divorced and they’ve never stopped resenting us. or maybe they think maine tells too many boring stories at parties. regardless, i’m OUTRAGED.

12 05 2010

help, you need to do a post on ethical consuming and frugality. i am researching ethical companies and p&g is a big no-no apparently! what’s a bunny mucus membrane lover to do??

12 05 2010

that’s a great idea! i’m a lousy vegetarian that way. i have a big gap in my knowledge when it comes to which companies do animal testing. what is your research for? wanna write a guest post?

27 03 2011
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