weekend pickthrough- ramen invasion edition.

23 04 2010

serious eats gets very serious about the best bagels in maine (and you should be too).

kate at the blueberry files gets wasted on hipster lemonade.

a comprehensive flow chart picking the right type face for any occasion, except that i keep coming up with COMIC SANS. i love an unnecessary flow chart, but I HATE COMIC SANS!

if you’ve never seen tampopo, you need to do that right now in preparation for the noodle bar explosion about to descend on portland!

uh oh! those two faced coupons are talking shit behind your back, and you are NOT going to like what they’re saying.

with young people dressing more like old people all the time, it’s time to swallow that pride and head over to the boys department for some amazing deals on petite sized menswear.

chicken on top of chicken on top of bacon (with a side of cheese and mayo). KFC has gone hilariously too far. even more shockingly, the vegan version might actually be worse for you.

and speaking of vegan, the starbucks frappuccino will soon be officially available in a cow free version.

and finally… HOLY SHIT they’re building a bowling alley on the peninsula.



4 responses

23 04 2010

mmm, ramen. thanks for the link love!

25 04 2010

you’re very welcome! thank you for teaching me the ancient secrets of hipster lemonade. once you’re done with the thai restaurants, i’m expecting a full work up on all the now an future local noodle houses.

24 04 2010

That flow chart is my favorite thing for forever. First, I got Futura because everything in my design life goes back to Futura. And then I played around a bit and got Comic Sans and I LOL’d.

25 04 2010

i got comic sans right off the bat. i wonder what that means about me? i should ask my therapist (i wonder how much he knows about fonts?).

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