still life with diet food.

3 05 2010

at some point this winter, i signed up to run a 5k. at the time, it seemed like june was terribly far away and that the exercise and diet required to be able to take on such a task were no real threat to my sedentary and butter-hoovering ways. well, it’s may 3rd today, and that gives me exactly 1 month to peel my ass off the couch and get moving.  this realization crashed down on me this weekend when i received an email from the maine cancer foundation, letting me know that the race was on the 3rd, NOT the 25th as i had somehow randomly deluded myself into believing. and for emphasis, i had to break down and buy a pair of size 12 jeans (see below re: old navy binge), after my well broken in (and stretched out apparently) size 10s suffered a catastrophic crotch blowout. yep, i’m getting chunky and out of shape. yep, if i’m gonna haul this carcass 3.1 miles in 1 month, i should probably get it together.

for a little back story, i used to run all the time. 3-4 miles a few times a week in between yoga and pilates and other such fitness nonsense. i was in good shape,  really good shape. and i was a size 6. ouch. ok, those size six days may be gone forever (time to inject at least a little reality into the situation), but the point is that i know how to be fit. i know how to exercise. i know how to run. i just have to remember how to get off my ass and do it.

fortuitously, the boyfriend also seems to finally be ready to get back into the groove (we fell for each other when we started running together a few years ago), and specifically requested that we try to eat some lower calorie food this week. we even went for a little jog around mackworth island on sunday morning.  it was a rough 1.25 miles, but we didn’t have to stop, and both made it back to the car alive.  i think that’s a good sign that we both still have a little running potential hidden underneath the fat. now we just need to keep it up.

after our jog, we hit the shaw’s for some healthy food buying. goodbye pot pie… cheesy polenta casserole… biscuits and gravy… hello fruits, vegetables, and lean protein. i’m feeling inspired by the coupon goddess and her summer slim down detox. and without any real coupon pre-planning, i still ended up picking up a few sweet (marginally healthy deals) this weekend.

healthy harvest pasta is on sale for $1.49, and with the $.75/1 coupon from the 4/11 smartsource doubled, i got 2 boxes for free.

land o’ lakes cage free eggs were $2.99 this week, and i had a $.50/1 from somewhere that made them a mere $2. almost as cheap as regular eggs!

lindsay olives recloseable tubs  are currently $1.69, and with a $1/1 that i got in a recent newspaper insert, i snagged mine for $.69.

think thin bars are on sale for $1.99 (if you can call a $2 granola bar a sale…), but if you were able to snag those $.50/1 printables from a while back (now no longer available), you could have gotten them for $.99 each after doubling, which is almost reasonable! i got 3, and i’m really hoping that they’re not gross. (any thoughts?)

**UPDATE** the lovely lynn @ the portland penny pincher has alerted us to the fact that the $.50/1 think thin coupon is still active on their site!! also, it’s a PDF, so NO PRINT LIMIT!! eat up.

i also grabbed a couple of things at the super walmart…

if you haven’t signed up for kraft first taste yet, you totally need to. there’s a great $1/1 coupon off philadelphia cream cheese minis right now (philly has finally gotten into the 100 calorie game), and priced at $1.99, they’re definitely worth beta testing for $.99. did i mention that i’ll try pretty much anything once if it’s under $1?

lastly, if you were able to print all those great dvd coupons that were hanging out on last month (no longer available), i scored a copy of  in her shoes for $3. ok, kind of a sucky movie, but i looooooooves the crappy chick flicks. and for $3 (regularly $5 with a $2/1 coupon), i can afford to give it to goodwill in a few months when i decide that i’m embarrassed about buying it.

on a related (and less shameful) note, if anyone knows where i can get cheapy copies of some like it hot and the graduate for low low prices, i still have $2/1 coupons for those burning a hole in my coupon folder.



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3 05 2010

I feel your pain having lost 50lbs over 2 years ago going from a 14 to a 6, only to see myself slowly creeping up. The only thing that is keeping me from going up too far is that I got rid of all my larger clothes and I am too cheap to buy new ones.

Seriously, its Maine. Cold weather months are designed to eat all sorts of gooey heavy dishes, but once its warm, just start moving and hitting up the farmers markets. Of course my own downfall in summer is ice cream, I swear its every where in this damn state.

I think if you really want to hit those 6’s again its just a matter of how much you want to work at it. The brightside of trying to get down is that you will probably save some serious cash this month. I always find that when I am doing great with my weight its good on my wallet. Since I rarely want to eat out if I can’t have the really bad stuff, I can eat rabbit food at home and its cheaper. Good luck!

3 05 2010

i definitely need both waistline & wallet help right now. i can’t even say out loud how much money i spent on eating out last month. it’s too shameful! hopefully this diet will have a positive effect on both. i think that being back in the size sixes seems unattainable to me because it was a point in my life where i was working out constantly to fill the void in my life caused by my failing marriage. really, it’s a good thing that i don’t try to get back to a size six. but i would be excited to be an 8! i miss being a single digit pants size.

you are so right about maine winters being anti-productive for dieting. let’s not even discuss how much butter i probably ate over the last 6 months. i swear i have a biological impulse to “bulk up” for winter.

5 05 2010
The Coupon Goddess

Hey there my little veggie loving friend. I posted a new recipe today that made me think of you. Not sure if you do the cheese thing, but you can eliminate that if you must. Yummy with a capital Y! 🙂

5 05 2010

eliminate cheese? NEVER!! but i will be making those. and then slathering them in sour cream and guacamole. (happy cinco de mayo!)

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