goodwill giveaway madness!!!

4 05 2010

first and foremost, i would like to officially congratulate the fabulous colleen o. for kicking some jolly green ass and winning the april free veggie swag. woot! but that’s all behind us now. it’s may, it’s time for an exciting new giveaway, and i’m beta testing a crazy idea this month.

as you may already know, i am an avid thrifter. i make the rounds at my local goodwills and salvation armys pretty much weekly, and am constantly hunting for crazy vintage crap to put in my crazy vintage crap collections. at the present, i am collecting: 1940s era nancy drews, figures made entirely out of white porcelain, vintage fabrics, mod jewelry, midcentury modern furniture, and pretty much anything that seems just too awesome to leave at the store. many weekends i come home with nothing, but every now and again, i come home with something remarkable.

everyone, meet toot-a-loop (toot-a-loop, everyone).  about two years ago, while perusing the electronics aisle at the forest ave. goodwill, i found this little puppy nestled between the discarded 8-track players and multiple copies of herb alpert and the tijuana brass whipped cream and other delights albums. mostly, it just seemed weird and cool and was only $2.99, so why not. a brief googling, and i found out that not only was the toot-a-loop designed to be an am radio bracelet (that’s right!), but it also that it routinely sold on ebay for $40+. score! not that i sold mine, but it’s nice to know that i have the option.

so you might be wondering, does this seemingly pointless yammering about the toot-a-loop perhaps have a point? or perhaps, when do i get free stuff to entering a stupid contest? well, here we go: i just told you my amazing thrift find story, and i want to hear yours. the prize at stake is a $25 gift card to goodwill (or if your area doesn’t have a goodwill, we can work something out). here are the rules:

1. submit a picture of your hot hot thrift find (garage sales & flea markets are also applicable) to my email.

2. in the above mentioned email, tell me where you got it, how much you paid, and why it’s so freakin’ awesome.

3. i will then post the images on the broke207 flickr page for all to see and enjoy & comment on.

4. on the 31st of the month, i (and possibly a few trusted advisors) will choose the winner, and a great celebration will occur. (also, the aforementioned $25 gift card will be mailed)

i know this requires a little more effort than most blog giveaways, but i think it could be a really fascinating project. a project that i would like to keep ongoing. so please, get your photo on and show me what you got! enter as many times as you like.



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5 05 2010

True story: very recently, I remarked to goofoffartiste that Every. Other. Record. at Goodwill is Herb Albert and the Tijuana Brass.

5 05 2010

Again, TOO COOL! Link this giveaway here:

Love your thinking!!

5 05 2010

thanks!! consider me linked up. you should enter!! if not for the gift card, then for the bragging rights 🙂

5 05 2010

it’s so true!!! and there are also at least 3 copies of “divine secrets of the ya-ya sisterhood” in the book area guaranteed!

5 05 2010

I scored an AWESOME deal today. I had my bf take a pic of me in it but it’s a really shitty pic. I might send it to you anyway LOL

5 05 2010

send it in! it’s not about the photo, it’s about the find. and the bragging rights. it’s always about the bragging rights.

5 05 2010

I just sent it from my phone to my email and I am most definitely not submitting it. We’ll take another one! LOL

5 05 2010

you’d better!! now that you’ve brought it up, I HAVE TO KNOW!

6 05 2010

A few days ago I was at the Goodwill in Belfast, Me & found CLOCKY

Clocky cost me just $1.99 & then I got a 10% discount because of my Goodwill card. How freakin sweet is that! On Amazon it goes for $50-60
If you are not familiar with Clocky let me explain. Its an alarm clock that kind of sounds like R2D2 when it goes off & if you hit the snooze when it goes off the 2nd time… It rolls off your night stand & you have to chase it around the room to grab it & shut it off pretty much guaranteeing you will get out of bed. I also love how it freaks out my dog when it goes running around the room. Such a neat alarm clock!

8 05 2010

omg! i’ve been longing for clocky for a LONG TIME. i can’t believe you got one for $1.99. JEALOUS. i should have the gallery up by the end of this weekend, so people can ogle your goodness.

7 05 2010

Such a flippin’ cool giveaway! I submitted my entry! Thanks!

8 05 2010

thanks!! gallery will be up tomorrow. good luck!

7 05 2010

picture was sent, hope you have a great weekend shopping we are heading to some yard sales

8 05 2010

who knows, maybe you’ll have another score by the end of the weekend. enter as many times as you like! it’s been raining like crazy here… i think i’ll end up having to wait until next week before i get my yard sale on. disappointment!

10 05 2010
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16 05 2010
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