weekend pickthrough- sleepless demon dog edition

14 05 2010

fuck you dogsitting. i won’t give you all the grisly play by play, but let’s just say that day one of watching my boyfriend’s parents dog is NOT going according to plan. cliff’s notes version- i woke up on the couch at 6:45 (after a solid 3ish hours of sleep), and spent my morning getting dragged around town sniffing every pee puddle in town (view inset of demon dog sniffing sketchy street futon), and writing thank you notes to my neighbors for not calling the cops on us after the 2 am barkfest. FUCK.

but anyway,  i’m a ridiculous mess, and it’s all i could do all day to remain seated upright in my chair for 8 hours.  so sorry, the pickthrough this week is bit late and a bit (completely) all over the place.

uh oh, maybe trader joes move to portland is more sinster than we thought?

one girl. one year. one dress. one of the most brilliant projects i’ve ever seen.

this guy spends all day staring out the window to monument square and oogling the crazies, so you don’t have to.

finally, a comprehensive volume on the history/socio-economic impact of poop.

i’m not proud of my negative net worth, but i don’t think it’s healthy to be obsessed with it. living in your parent’s house? at 30? in a twin bed? i’ll take debt thank you.

the most amazing childhood toy you never had. (or if you did, i want to punch you)

seriously, who has a livejournal anymore? although… if you’re going to have a livejournal about something, it better be about all things creamed, chipped, and suspended in jello.

sassy, amazing, touching, brilliant. everyone, meet the irreverent widow.

a good christian’s guide to stripping.

vegans & vegetarians, arm yourselves! it’s time for some defensive omnivore BINGO!

hipsters beware! you’ll never know it’s happening until the transformation is complete.



4 responses

15 05 2010

nothing bad i read about trader joe’s can stop me from being RIDICULOUSLY excited that they’re coming to portland! NOTHING!!!

15 05 2010

yeah, i’m pretty excited. as a veg, i need all the options i can get. especially if those options are less expensive (sorry whole foods, it just isn’t going to work for us in the long term).

15 05 2010

I’m pretty confused about all of the hoopla over TJ’s in Portland. I thought the city was all anti-big business. They definitely don’t need the help breaking into any market, let alone Portland, just like the article said! They’re a privately owned company, and the guy is one of the richest in the world. So. Anywhozle, it’ll be exciting to have another grocery store, but more exciting would be more accessible places for poor folks to shop. Letting more people know that the farmer’s market accepts EBT. Ya know. That make sense?

In other news, the woman with the one dress? COOLEST BLOG EVER. I’m so impressed with her ingenuity.

15 05 2010

i had no idea you could use EBTs at farmer’s markets! that’s kind of amazing (and wonderful). i’ll admit that i’ve never even been to a trader joes- but a quasi affordable whole foods alternative is definitely desirable. although i agree that it will probably never be actually affordable in a way that they’re truly accessible to everyone, which is both sad and unfair. @amycasey originally posted that article on twitter, and it’s not so much that it makes a difference (and i’m still excited about TJs), but it’s interesting to know how things really go down when it comes to big business (even if they’re pretending to be all friendly and socially conscious).

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