12 minutes, 2 am.

24 05 2010

my sleep schedule is all f-ed up. i slept for 12 hours last night, and now it’s almost 2 am, and i’m still not sleeping- despite needing to be at work and functional in a mere 6 hours. so i thought i’d take this last 12 minutes before the clock strikes 2 to poop out a quickie post- just to say that i did. i present to you, my weekend in spending- in 12 minutes or less (or possibly slightly more):

there was a 40% off everything sale at the gap outlet in freeport. i erroneously assumed it would be better than the old navy 30% off everything sale… what i learned is that they didn’t have much to offer in the markdown area, and everything else was near regular gap prices. despite the angel voice whispering in my ear “that’s how they get you!”, the devil voice still spent $80 on a pair of jeans, a dress, a sweater, and a pair of shorts. well, it is supposed to be 84 degrees on tuesday…

j crew on the other hand had a decent sale rack that was take an additional 30% off all markdowns. score. bought a fat concealing flowy top and and a shiny gold belt that i decided couldn’t possibly be leather… but probably is. feeling heavy vegetarian guilt, but too attached to belt to find out for sure.

wacky mac should have been free at shaw’s this week… except that i couldn’t find it anywhere. is there no wacky mac in the state of maine, or am i just looking in the wrong place?! *seethes with frustration* no major grocery deals scored this week.

i fully attempted to buy a $3.97 copy of maid in manhattan at bullmoose today, but shame was too great. me being uncool isn’t really a secret, but bullmoose always makes me wish i was hipper than i am. or at least wish that walmart carried $3.97 copies of maid in manhattan.

now that i’ve learned that dairy queen has butterscotch dip, it was another 2-DQ weekend. i’ve been to every DQ in the area at least once, and i’ve noticed that the pricing is not standard. westbrook DQ- i don’t care if you do have a brazier (your fries suck BTW), time to nudge those ice cream prices DOWN. the topsham dairy queen is making you look bad.



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24 05 2010

all the dairy queens around here in NH closed down. i grew up in topsham and rode my bike to that DQ all the time. in white paint on the red roof it used to say “LBJ ate here” and comedians would always take red paint and cover out the last “e” in here, and it still makes me laugh thinking about it.

25 05 2010

that is the single most tragic thing that i have ever heard! although apparently LBJ was a dairy queen slut too, because there’s one up here in topsham that says the same thing! might be time for a little nostalgic vandalism! well, if you ever wander up the coast… maine is rife with DQs. my hometown and our “stunning” state capitol, augusta, had 3 at last count. portland proper actually doesn’t have one :(, but there are 2 very close by.

25 05 2010

no, i meant i grew up in topsham, ME, it IS the same DQ. i moved to NH in ’81. i can’t believe it still says the same thing on the roof. christ, talk about nothing new happening in a town since LBJ ate an ice cream, or performed oral sex, depending on the vandals…

24 05 2010

Hey there,
Chris from Bull Moose here. You should revel in your desire for Maid in Manhattan. There’s a reason why we have it in every Bull Moose – on Blu-ray, no less! If you like it, we like it. The way I see it, hip is being into whatever you want to be into without worrying too much about what you’re supposed to like. At least that’s what I’ll be telling myself at the Steve Hackett (Genesis) show in Boston next month. So enjoy yourself some JLo.

25 05 2010

thanks for the pep talk! in general i’m usually a big proponent of the “like what you like and everyone else can go screw” mentality, but every now and again i’m struck with a little adolescent level shame when i’m about to do something that is extremely questionable (even for me, a girl who willingly paid $.99 for not one but 3 hilary duff songs on itunes). in my defense however, you guys are so fucking cool.

25 05 2010

OMG I love DQ chicken fingers and fries. With their pepper gravy or whatever. Ugh, now I want it.

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