rite aid, this is screwed +UP.

10 06 2010

there have been a lot of changes happening at ye olde rite aid over the last few months. just when i was getting comfy with the intricacies of the single check rebate program *BAM* the rite aid wellness+ card shows up on the scene. i actually had some sort of weird proto version a long time ago, but it never actually did anything. at least this new version appears to have value in the form of product discounts not available to the plebeian public . but it’s all lies! in reality, they’ve taken the discounts that they used to give us freely (with love) and made them contingent upon us carrying around our little plastic card (so spiteful, and after all this time…). i think they’re feeling a little guilty about it though, because they’re throwing these new +UP rewards at us like a fistful of crumpled twenties at a spent hooker. but i’m a ho for coupons, so i figured…

but wait. i thought that they would work like extrabucks. dollar off coupons toward anything at rite aid except stamps, gift cards, cigarettes & booze- right?! um, no. or at least i don’t think so, but it’s unclear. very very unclear. picture it, yesterday afternoon… i go to rite aid to grab some discount tampax and see what this whole +UP business is all about. well, there was a bit of a fracas when some drunk dude when apeshit when they refused to sell him more booze without identification. so with all waving of arms and screaming of “douchebag!”, i didn’t actually end up looking at my receipt until i got home. what the fuck is this shit? $1 off a $10 seasonal purchase of $10 or more? so, in order to get my whopping $1 reward, i have to buy $10 worth of seasonal crap? and for that matter, what exactly constitutes seasonal? rubber swimmies?

the answer was equal parts cryptic and infuriating: “certain limitations apply, see store associate for details”. does that mean that i am now at the mercy of the sales associate to determine what constitutes seasonal? what if our definitions don’t agree? what if it escalates to shoving? what if i’m the next customer to get hauled into the parking lot screaming “douchebag!”?

all i’m saying is that this +UP situation is really putting a strain on our relationship, and you’ve done absolutely nothing to explain yourself. all this craziness, and NOT A SINGLE WORD ABOUT IT ON THE WEBSITE. who starts a program like this and doesn’t set up some basic parameters beforehand? it smacks of incompetence rite aid. incompetence!



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11 06 2010
Corey Templeton

What a jip. As far as the rewards card goes, I liked that RiteAid didn’t have one, whereas CVS was all about their card. However, whenever I’ve been to CVS they ask if I have a card and I say no and they usually have a store card they input for the discount which does not make me want to get a card. Those store cards are so 1990’s.

11 06 2010

seriously! i feel like they’re trying to be CVS, and it’s a mistake. at least CVS has a well established program that doesn’t really change. meanwhile rite aid is flailing about, and it looks to me like a beacon of desperation. think that rite aid is losing the battle of the drugstores? walgreens is making a pretty impressive presence- although the sketchy east end rite aid will always have strong malt liquor sales…

11 06 2010

That Rite Aid thing sort of boggles the mind, doesn’t it? If you have to spend to save – you aren’t really saving at all! Grrr. Your “reward” is a friggin’ coupon.

11 06 2010

yeah. the good news is that they still have the single check rebates program, which is the part i actually care about. screw their coupons and give me the cash money. my only fear is that they’ll use the +UP bullshit to scale back the amount of the SCR deals. if that shit happens, i can’t promise that punches won’t be thrown.

11 06 2010

I couldn’t tell you the last time I went to Rite Aid… sometime the beginning of May I think. I prefer CVS… it’s easier and the ECB’s are instant. Sometimes RA does tempt me with some good rebates though. I just haven’t been following the RA deals cuz it’s just too damn frustrating for me anymore with all their “rewards” programs.

13 06 2010

they both have their charms. CVS is great because the extrabucks are instant (and as such can be used instantly), but they also expire if you’re lazy and careless like i am. the rite aid SCR program is a little more tricky, but i do love the cash aspect. plus, i generally end up putting that money in the bank, which is a nice little way to add to my nest egg. although i like the program the way that it is, they don’t need to clutter it up with non-wards and other added garbage. they were doing fine! i really do think this might be a signal that they’re losing the drugstore wars.

13 06 2010

I agree, it’s F-ed +UP. What exactly constitutes a “household” product? Or a “seasonal” product? No likey. Although I’m digging last week’s sweet Neutrogena deal… but clearly someone in the Rite Aid marketing department had their head +UP their bum…

13 06 2010

i’m kind of shocked that there isn’t more fallout about this whole situation. is everyone else doing that thing where they pretend that everything is awesome all the time? i still love rite aid though, and as long as they don’t change the SCR program, we’ll all be ok. in the meantime, there are so many great +UP jokes we can make…

5 08 2010

Ok here is how the wellness plus program works. Every time you buy something it gives you points. After you reach 1000 points you get 20% of ALL non prescription items just like if were an employee like myself, and my wife. Here is a better over view of the program:


* Earn one point for every dollar spent on non-prescription purchases.1
* Earn 25 points for every prescription you purchase.1

plus for every 125 points† a one-time, 10% off shopping pass2
silver + 500 points 10% off all non-prescription purchases every day3
free health screenings4
gold + 1,000 points 20% off all non-prescription points purchases every day3
*All members are enrolled at the plus level and can earn their way to silver+ and gold+. †For every 125 points up to 375.

* Members-only sale pricing throughout the store
* 10% off Rite Aid Brand products every day5
* 24/7 exclusive access to a pharmacist when you call 1-800-RITEAID

5 08 2010

thanks for the info. i’m sort of starting to get the hang of it… but not really. it seems like their single check rebate deals have been really sucking and that they’re trying to go over entirely to the +UP system so they can be more like CVS… bums me out though, i really like getting a check in the mail every month.

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