weekend picktrhough- hotel bar boozin edition.

12 06 2010

i should really make an effort to round up the weekend pickthrough a little earlier in the day. namely, before i’ve had half a pizza (an incredible specimen in mushroom & cauliflower from otto on congress street), three bowls of party mix, and a couple of very stiff cocktails at the top of the east (apparently the go-to bar in portland if you think you’re on the jersey shore). basically, if this weekend pickthrough feels like it’s half in the bag, it’s because it is.

a traveling toy store of amazing artness. here, in portland. right now.

screw disney! all the cool kids are spending their summer vacations haunting abandoned theme parks.

it’s not an unbelievable discount if it comes with a side of bedbugs. BEWARE the budget hotel of horrors.

just when you thought that food couldn’t get any more hilarious/disgusting… in strolls the mcgangbang.

the onion’s most hilarious joke ever.

unlike the pogs of my youth, at least sillybandz will still have a function once the insane trend wave finally crashes on the beach.

the most beautiful dry erase animation ever about what motivates us. (very surprising)

dear grandma, stockpiling would make more sense if you were feeding more than just you and grandpa. plus, this expired salad dressing is gross.

if you don’t want me to make fun of you, you might want to stop leaving me these passive aggressive notes.

apparently my friends sam & BJ aren’t looking out for me as much as i thought. (i thought we were friends!)

just to open a little friendly discussion… is it just me, or does grimace look like a giant scrotum?



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12 06 2010

odd, my friend went to the top of the east last night. what are the odds that i’d hear about that place 2x in 24 hours? i mean, i haven’t thought about that place since i left there after i had a terrible ‘bellini martini’ or something up there. good snack mix though.

13 06 2010

so ridiculous! but the snack mix is good, and it’s one of the few bars in town that is actually quiet enough to have a conversation on a friday night. although i generally stay away from anything that they’ve tacked the suffix -tini onto.

12 06 2010

That story about bedbugs was timely as when planning my recent trip back to the midwest, I researched every possible room to make sure I didn’t end in a place with bedbugs. Being the bargain hunter, I landed a cheap place sans bedbugs but it also lacked a tv, radio, phone or clock radio. There wasn’t even a vending machine or coffee maker on the premises. I require coffee immediately upon waking so having to shower and then walk 10 blocks to find a cup of coffee definitely sucked! Frugal is good but sometimes to be avoided.

13 06 2010

agreed! frugality can be a harsh mistress sometimes, especially when it comes to travel. i believe in making solid middle of the road choices for hotels & flights. why bother traveling if a bad hotel is just going to ruin the whole thing?

12 06 2010

i don’t know about the grimace looking like a giant scrotum, but i think that groping kid found the grimace’s scrotum

13 06 2010

i love unintentionally dirty photos! especially when they involve someone dressed up in a grimace outfit. although you’re gonna have to riddle me this: if grimace isn’t a scrotum, then what the hell is he?

14 06 2010

start shortening “scrotum” to “scrote”. yep. that just got even LESS appealing.
also works with “protein”-“prote”.


15 06 2010

it’s like how “underpants” is 35% funnier than “underwear”. “scrote” is 60% grosser than “scrotum”.

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