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23 06 2010
The Coupon Goddess

Love, love, love this post, but make no mistake, I’m Wonder Woman. I’ll wrap debt in my lasso and shove it’s butt into my invisible plane and deliver it to the Bionic Man who will taser it’s arse into oblivion. We are all part of the same superteam. The Debtinators. LMAO!!!

Great post. Your take on male/female finance writers is almost right on the spot, except I don’t drink tea. Margaritas yes, tea no. 🙂

23 06 2010

thanks! and you’re so right about being wonder woman! your high level of sass definitely qualifies you as a hybrid of the two sides. an ass kicking super goddess who can beat down debt all while making you cookies and swilling margaritas in stilettos (i’d like to see the financial samurai do that!). we totally need to start a financial blogger justice league.

24 06 2010

Um, I seem to recall a certain female blogger (I’ll call her “b.207”) telling me she got her FrozenTangy FroYo for $0.50 cheaper than I did… I believe it was this past Saturday…

24 06 2010

well, you should remind your blogger friend that it isn’t about the competition, it’s about the journey. (they journey to save more money than you do bitches! in yo face!!!)

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