i spy- sneaky cheese.

20 07 2010

just a quick post (since i haven’t posted anything remotely coupon related in like 100 years) about some secret $/1 sargento cheese coupons i found at shaw’s in south portland yesterday. they’re not really secret exactly, in the sense that they’re hidden. actually, they’re right there in one of those little blinky coupon dispensers attached to the dairy case, just waiting to be plucked (ONE per customer- OH PLEASE). anyway, what’s secret about them is that they purport to be for the low sodium variety cheese only (which is bullshit because sodium is part of what makes cheese the sole reason that i will never be a vegan), but what i learned by trying to be sneaky is they’ll work for any variety of sargento cheese. ok, not exactly earth shattering news, but cheese can be super expensive and $1/1 is a rare and special thing.  i’ve seen sargento go on sale for as low as $1.50/ea., and cheese (when sealed) usually has at least a couple of months on it. coincidentally, i also saw a bunch of big boxes of frosted flakes marked down to $1.50 each in the “scratch & dent” area, because they still have olympic themed packaging (though they don’t expire until 2011).  i guess what i’m saying here is: LOAD UP (while the loading is good).



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21 07 2010

FYI, if you’re just going to melt it anyway, you can freeze shredded cheese and keep it for months, and its none the worse for wear.

21 07 2010

really? i had no idea! i really need to go back to freezer cooking again too, that’s a great way to use up large quantities of cheese.

24 07 2010
Erica @ Just Call Me Cheap

I bought the low sodium cheese and before I could use it, it expired. I guess all of the extra sodium in regular shredded cheese not only makes it tast really good, it makes it last longer. It’s actually a good thing that I couldn’t use it because my husband always thinks I am trying to kill him when I use healthier food in my cooking. Argumant avoided, thanks crappy, low sodium cheese.

25 07 2010

bummer! i definitely don’t believe in low sodium cheese, but this confirms my ill feelings.

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