5 08 2010

it’s hot out. 100% humidity hot. like getting angrily smothered with a hot airline towel by someone with a fever who hates you a lot hot. now, i live in maine and i always have. thus, i am not biologically programmed to be able to deal with such conditions. point being, tonight i was supposed to write a companion article about cheap booze to the food post i did last week. instead, i lapsed temporarily into a humidity induced coma (sort of a sloppily splayed out half conscious fever state where my only awareness was how uncomfortable i was, and how my uncurtained windows were giving my neighbors a pretty excellent beaver shot) on my couch for about 2 hours completely unable to move. miraculously, i was finally able to pry myself from the semi-catatonia into a more mobile delirium that allowed my sweaty ass to be propelled into a cold shower (too smacked out to notice that there were no towels- only wash cloths in the bathroom- again, sorry neighbors), but i’m still not right. barely able to smash my hands against the keyboard, it has taken me roughly two hours to tap out this marginally coherent message in between nodding off and getting distracted trying to find a picture to go with this post. by the way, typing the word HOT into google images with the safesearch turned off will get you nowhere. the word FEVER on the other hand, will take you directly to ted nugent. anyway, you’re not getting a post about anything worthwhile. instead, i will fill the space where the real post should go with my insane scratchings and ted nugent jokes. that’s all you get. it’s hot, i’m crazy, and you’ll survive.



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6 08 2010

I feel ya’. I was born and raised in NH, but lived in NY for 6 years, which acclimated me to living in highly swassy conditions. Then I moved to Portland two years ago and immediately went back to my “I can only deal with life when it’s 70*” attitude. Now it’s hot, humid and I’m cranky.

I’m a newish Portland blogger and I’m a fan of yours – just stopping by to say hi.

10 08 2010

your blog is the CUTEST EVER. sort of everything i love (food and fashion). i’ve long wanted to add a fashion element to my blog, but haven’t quite figured out how yet. also, i don’t photograph that well. maybe you can give me some pointers 😀 as for the heat- fuck it! i would never ever get AC, but the complaining definitely helps get me through the rough moments. i mock the heat! (and it mocks me back, but at least it’s usually short lived).

6 08 2010

Its way too hot for Maine. I have been in a nasty state of mind for weeks, tired of sweating. How can anyone blog in this heat? Thankfully I hear cool weather is headed our way.

10 08 2010

exactly. i live here so that i don’t have to be sweaty and wilted. didn’t the maine weather get the memo? no hotter than 70 at night please, some people are trying to sleep!

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