dialing out.

12 08 2010

see that telephone over there? that’s the telephone i’m going to use to phone in this post. yeah, it’s summertime, and i’ve had all varieties of excuses for not posting as often as i once did back in the golden age of me having a lot of free time… anyway, the big burlesque amateur night (so you gained 30 lbs. eh- maybe you should strip down to your underpants ON STAGE IN FRONT OF MANY PEOPLE) is tonight, and i’ve been doing nothing for the last three days but freak out, practice my routine, freak out, and sew maribou onto home made underpants (oh, and freak out). that said, i just wanted to let you all know that i haven’t forgotten you,  and that i have two really great posts germinating in my brain for when this personal hell is finally over.

in the meantime, here are a few pleasant diversions to get you through:

1. i wrote this article about eating healthy on a budget for part time vagabond.

that’ll kill some time! not enough?

2. the magnificent chrystie corns has caught the coupon bug, and  is already doing it better than anyone else. her new website looks SO GOOD (jealous!).

still bored?

3. ok, maybe i’ve been taking little breaks from burlesquing and melt-downing to read my new favorite web comic from start to finish. that’s 1729 pages people. i’ve been doing this for WEEKS, and i’m still only on #1233. (thanks for the new addiction @rurugby!)

for those of you interested in the gory details of tonights titty shakin massacre (but who can’t make it to the actual show, or don’t have any interest in seeing me in pasties), i’ll be writing an article about it that i hope will make it on to the pages of the maine observer.  there might even be PICTURES. heavily airbrushed pictures, but pictures none the less. time to go stuff my ass into some red satin underpants.



10 responses

12 08 2010

haha! have fun! post a pic!

12 08 2010

You are my HERO! I can’t wait to hear how it went.

13 08 2010
Winnie P.

Have fun shakin’ that thang…

13 08 2010
fore front

um. can we photograph the burlesque dancers?! sounds AMAZEBALLS!

16 08 2010

the show was actually already over (it was thursday night) by the time you wrote your comment, BUT the competition continues the 2nd thursday of every month (next one september 9th, and then october 14th). you should contact atomic trash and ask if you can take photos! on an unrelated note, i’m totally in love with your website. i’ve been wanting a portland street fashion outlet for a long time, but definitely do not have the photo chops or the free time. you guys are killing! expect a “blog crush” post sometime in the near future 😀

13 08 2010

how’d it go?

13 08 2010

Dammit Munier I want that story on my DESK NOW! Looking forward to the tale.

13 08 2010

soon! possibly monday. definitely next week.

17 08 2010

You were AWESOME in every way.

13 10 2010
looking a little pastie. « broke 207

[…] couple of months ago, i took my top off in a bar full of strangers and lived to tell the tale. i promised to give you all the full rundown sometime in the indeterminate future… well, that future is now- and this piece is 2 STRUTs for the price of one (one as a STRUTter […]

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