picnic lunch.

27 08 2010

i had a funny conversation today with someone about how i can do a lot of things well enough to get by, but that i’m not actually that great at anything. my interests splay out sloppily all over the map, never fully germinating, and eventually just withering and dying once i’ve moved on to something else. sewing was one of those things. for a few minutes (roughly 3 years ago), i thought that maybe i could make my millions by becoming an handmade mogul. i made all these ridiculous bunnies out of vintage cashmere sweaters (see wide eyed example at left) and sold them (under the name “manta ray business solutions”)  at a table at a little craft fair called picnic.

well, my career in plush manufacture never exactly took off, but picnic turned out to be the single kick ass-est craft fair that ever held a hot glue gun. forget your grammy’s seashell picture frames and scary dried apple head dolls, this craft fair stars STUFF THAT YOU ACTUALLY WANT! and it’s coming soon to a hobo park near you, THIS SATURDAY.

august 28th (once again, that’s THIS SATURDAY, as in tomorrow), from 11-6 you can browse and buy everything from recycled rubber clutches to first place chump ribbons (i so heart strong arm bindery, and you’d better too). basically, it’s top notch design made by hand. but they’ve all managed somehow to back away from the puffy paint and candle making supplies, and made accessible, affordable, and beautiful art that you can take home with you. even more reasons worth getting a rowdy boner for picnic this year:

1. you can knock out your holiday shopping early, and never worry about about getting your friends and loved ones something they already have. (i mean, who doesn’t love a squirrel playing the drums?) [people who are dead inside, that’s who.]

2. there’s food. delicous food.

3. there’s music. delicious music. a whole bunch of your very favorite local bands (and a few out of state invaders) will play you gently through your shopping experience, including & especially the big finish by longtime portland superstars phantom buffalo.

4. beloved broke207 favorites like kate sullivan jones (a sweet disorder), emblem studio, and boom chick-a-boom will be there selling their shit, and they deserve our undying love and support. and cash. definitely bring cash.

in short, picnic is the best thing ever. and if you’re within a 100 mile radius of portland, maine on saturday the 28th (that’s tomorrow folks), you need to get your ass to lincoln park with a wad of cash and a big giant tote bag. support local artists. buy, own, and love awesome stuff. have something better to do with your saturday than just getting high and watching chitty chitty bang bang on VHS (you can do that after).

oh, and did i mention that admission is FREE?



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27 08 2010

Oh! I am lucky enough to share a booth with Kate and her sweet disorder…definitely come see us and thanks for the shout out!

FYI to anyone else who may be thinking about coming to Portland, but not quite sure, this Saturday is ALSO the WCSH6 Sidewalk Arts Festival which is that random day at the end of the summer where all of a sudden for some reason you can’t drive down Congress St…but you can WALK it and there’s ART there.

So double reasons to go!

27 08 2010

so you’re the audrey that i’ve heard so much about but never met! kate is one of my favorite people ever, which i’m pretty sure makes you fabulous by association. tragically, i have to leave for my vacation on saturday morning, and will miss the whole thing :(. although i very strongly considered bumping my reservation a day. hopefully there will be lots of pictures and stories. also, i have it on good authority that a friend of mine is buying me a birthday present there. maybe she’ll buy something from you! have an amazing day!

27 08 2010

Not a lot of money to spend right now 😦 but will definitely be there.

27 08 2010

it’s ok! lots of great free music to absorb, and lots of friends who stayed up all night getting their craft on who will be excited to have you come pay them a visit. in the absence of money, love and support are always an adequate substitution 😀

27 08 2010

College boy is stealing all my extra cash along with house taxes (damn being a grown up sux ass) so not sure if I can make it. It sounds fabulous though.

27 08 2010
imogen flowers

Dudes, T.J. Baldwin and Joshua Yurges will be there as well, sharing a table.

27 08 2010

Don’t forget about all the great vintage that will be there!

27 08 2010

I’m so excited for this. Audrey made me business cards. Now I am an adult.

30 08 2010

i love business cards!! we’ll have to swap cards someday. i can put you in my rolodex!

8 12 2010
get your local on- hungry for a picnic. « broke 207

[…] local on- hungry for a picnic. 8 12 2010 it seems like only yesterday that i was pimpin the summer picnic arts & music fest… but alas, winter is here. fortunately, with the frosty ass weather, we also get a a second […]

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