weekend pickthrough- slow recovery edition.

19 09 2010

well, it’s been a long and miserable phlegm filled week. again, i apologize for the lack of posting. as previously stated, i was wallowing in a pit of used tissues and self pity. although i’ve been warned by the majority of my friends that this cold (now dubbed “the plague”, and apparently tearing through the portland metro area like jon gosselin at an ed hardy sale [or some equally apt but funnier and more timely analogy]) likes to linger for upwards of 10 days, i am at least finally ambulatory, and can make it through the night without jamming paper towels up my nose. of course now the boyfriend is sick (oops!), and trying to take care of him and the dog while still pretty much feeling like i’ve been wrecked by a monster truck is not making my life any easier. however, i have managed to steal a moment of consciousness and semi-clarity to send out the weekend pickthrough. all should be back on schedule as of tomorrow (barring further disaster).

the trouble with coupons (via hyperbole and a half)

strongly considering getting my masters degree from here.

there’s always room to hone your skills and improve your talents by killing more people. (and other video game wisdom)

i think this might be the most terrifying job that i’ve ever heard of (can you think of something worse?)

should i write a novel, or grow a moustache in november?

trapping shit in acrylic, the musical. (ok, not really)

best bathroom sign ever.

a website that reviews lifetime original movies (cameo appearance by kate from a sweet disorder). why didn’t i think of this first!



5 responses

22 09 2010

Oh no! I just got sick with this myself. I didn’t realize that there was a plague in Portland but I am oddly comforted to know that I’m not alone. Did you basically have a really bad head cold and 0% energy? That is what I am experiencing right now. I hope you and th e bf make a full recovery soon!

24 09 2010

that’s exactly what happened to me. my crappy cold is mostly gone, but i have never been so tired in my whole life. i’m the walking dead! hopefully we will both feel better soon. need to hit the green elephant for some soy cheese rangoons… you know, get my strength back.

23 09 2010

Thanks for the Lifetime love! I hope you feel better soon.

24 09 2010

Write a novel – WRITE A NOVEL!!

That’s what I’m doing in November. 🙂

24 09 2010

i really want to, but november is a crazy busy month for me. i will try! do you do nanowrimo meet ups anywhere? i feel like lana does one in westbrook. maybe we can go together?

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