worth the trip- useless product bonanza.

13 10 2010

the entire back page of the rite aid flier this week is stuffed full of single check rebate freebies, none of which i actually want. my chapstick peanut (yes, i have a peanut shaped jar on my coffee table filled with chapstick) is overflowing, and fuck if i know what a nasa-dock is. i’m ripping off the offending back page, and tossing aside like a cheap whore. in my mind the only things worth pursuing are:

1. better than free gain dish detergent. $.89 with a $1/1 coupon in last weekend’s paper. $.11 in pocket, no waiting for rebates, no +anythings.

2. because my udders are always getting chapped in the winter time, i might pick up the udderly smooth lotion for $1- free after $1 +UP.

3. according to iheartriteaid.com there is a $2/1 coupon floating around for playtex tampons. combined with a $2/2 video values coupon, and a $2 +UP reward… blah blah blah… free. except that i can’t find the coupon. what i can find are 2 $1.50/1 coupon that will work almost as well. $1 for 2 boxes of tampons= not too shabby.

4. on my quest for free makeup, i’m also going to check up on the 40% off maybelline. apparently there’s a $2/1 on the video values site (along with a coupon for something called “fast results herpes” that i chose not to click on), as well as some $3/2 coupons that i grabbed off a tearpad at the ulta last week that might add up to freeness… or at least super cheapness (which is also acceptable).

cvs is ultrabunk this week in a way that is almost hilarious (except for the part where it’s tragic). sure, there’s some free toothpaste, but i’m gonna pass on the blood sugar monitors and crap soda. really, the only notable thing at cvs right now is something so outrageously awful, that i can’t even believe that it exists. ladies & gentlemen, i present to you the icraig tower stereo system. now, i don’t know dick about stereo equipment, but i’m pretty sure this is a flaming piece of $99 shit (despite being advertised as a “red hot deal”.

shaws was marginally better with some good deals on things that i like.

1. green giant boxed veggies. i like to keep these in the freezer for when i feel like i’m dying, but i haven’t been to the grocery store in 3 weeks. sort of “in case of emergency break glass” vegetables. $1 each with a $1/3 coupon from like 4 newspapers, they’re only $.66 each. although the real winner is the $.60/3 coupon at smartsource right now. doubled to $1.20, the veggies are a mere $.60 each. a $.50/1 printable doubled= FREE. thanks for the tip anastasiav! i can’t believe i paid $.60! what an ass!

2. i actually missed out on the cheap ass dragone ricotta cheese this week thanks to some local shelf cleaners (it was gone by saturday morning!), but perhaps they’ve restocked by now. on sale for BOGO, with $.55/1 printables from coupons.com, i’m guessing you can grab yours for around a dollar. ricotta freezes really well, so stock up!

3. fage yogurt is on sale for $1.29. shit is generally like $1.89 or more (for a single yogurt!), which is ludicrous, but it’s the only yogurt that i like. also, you can grab a $.50/1 from their website (one print per computer- boo!) and double that to get at least one of your yogurts for $.29.

4. what is it about the back pages this week? BUNK SHAW’S– BUNK!. apparently if you buy 5 of the kraft or shaws products on the back page, you get a $5 catalina for your next shopping trip. it could be a good deal, except that i don’t actually want any of this bullshit. 5 jars of shitty peanut butter for $3.85 is probably your best deal, although you can also get 5 boxes of capri sun for $5. the only thing i would actually want is the kraft shredded cheese, ($1.40 a bag if you buy 5  at $2.50/each and use those $1/2 from the 9/26 smartsource) and i don’t have any room in my fridge after the $2 sargento bonanza a couple weeks ago.

target is a minefield of halloween candy and baby crap this week. decent deal on $2 fiber one bars, and this sweet ass submarine shaped shower caddy… but really nothing. NOTHING!

some final bits and pieces… hot bonus coupon for 40% off your entire purchase of paints, pastels, pencils and markers at michael’s in addition to their regular 40% off any one item coupon. $10 t-shirts until the 14th at threadless, 20% off any one item at ulta, and my boyfriend informs me that $59.99 for a 1 TB external hard drive at staples is a hot deal (is it? i’ll never know).

overall, it’s a whole lotta nothing this week. i may just skip this bitch all together.



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13 10 2010
Nancy Freedman-Smith

Great blog as per usual. Shaw’s cereal is on sale for I think 2 bucks a box. I bought 5 boxes got a 5 dollar off coupon, and you prob already know this, but we will keep going around and stock up.

13 10 2010

thanks! you know, i never look at the shaw’s brand stuff because you can never get coupons for it, but that’s actually a really good deal. i’m a big fan of “oats and more”. i think it tastes better than honey bunches of oats. zak actually bought some this week because he said he’s tired of my stockpile cereal. apparently cheerios become tiresome after the 12th box…

13 10 2010

re: Green Giant: There is a printable here (bottom right-hand corner of the page) for .50/1 Green Giant Veggies = FREE.

13 10 2010

you are a superstar. i’m such an asshole for paying $.60! despite my shame, i will be updating the post with this very exciting information. thanks so much!

13 10 2010

I’m not a superstar. I just rely on A Full Cup to do lots of legwork for me. 🙂

13 10 2010

i totally thought of you last night. i’m not a couponer, to be perfectly honest. my mother spent every sunday splayed out on the living room floor with the ads and it made me crazy. but i do take advantage of the shopper’s card deals. however, i’m really bad about letting my cvs bucks expire in little sad clumps on the refrigerator. so, this weekend, when i was having a “THIS APARTMENT IS TOO FUCKING SMALL AND I MUST CLEAN EEEEEEVERTYHING!!!!” moment, i found $8 worth of cvs bucks, $3 of which was about to expire. and i hied myself over there last night and used those bad boys, only buying 1 thing (a card for my beloved) that wasn’t on the list. go me.

16 10 2010

thank you! that’s an awesome compliment. i wasn’t a couponer forever for exactly the same reasons, and i still have deep moments of coupon shame when i’m holding up a line or a bitchy clerk is denying the viability of my coupons. i’m also exceptionally brand loyal when it comes to most things. stuff that’s not my brand but is free gets donated. also, there’s a cvs in my town that takes expired extra bucks. that way i don’t have to pay attention. before i found them, i let about $14 extrabucks languish a month. shameful!

13 10 2010

also, i find it amusing that i even read a coupon blog. i’m not just “not a couponer”, but sort of the anti everything about coupons. i don’t like to shop around. i’m FREAKISHLY brand loyal, both to products and stores. and i HATE being that person in line who holds up the whole thing searching for something in my purse, like those damned cvs bucks last night.

so, that must be a testament to your powers of amusement. excellent work!

15 10 2010
Nancy Freedman-Smith

Here is a great coupon. You have to fill it out on line
https://www.naturaadvantage.com/ It is for a free bag of Nutura dog or cat food.They make Evo and California Natural. I used mine tonight and the stuff cost 17 bucks! Nutura was bought out by Proctor and Gamble. So far as anyone knows they have not changed anything, but the promotion is try to sway the haters like me who won’t buy it now that they own it. BUT I use the Evo for training treats. Fill it out soon before the offer is over.

17 10 2010

how do you think that i got my very first bag of evo (kazuiki’s preferred brand)! although i am SUPER BUMMED OUT about the P&G thing. they’re so evil. and look what they’ve done to the iams brand… so many recalls!

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