worth the trip- get thee to the grocery store!

20 10 2010

i’m still having a hard time getting my shit sorted out well enough to get my worth the trip dispatches out by sunday- which is probably when they would actually be useful. however, i do have high hopes that at some point i’ll finally be able to shift everything back into its proper place. but for now… GET YOUR ASS TO SHAW’S IMMEDIATELY! there isn’t anything worth getting at any other store in town- unless of course  you want a page full of crappy weirdo cold remedies from rite aid, or some marginally discounted pumpkin pop tarts at target (ick).

i’m very serious.

now, take your flier, and flip it over. $10 back (coupon toward a future trip) when you buy $25 worth of jazz on this page. with the vast array of coupons available on bettycrocker.com, smartsource, & coupons.com… basically, it’s a page of mostly free food. here’s what i did:

-3 boxes cheerios- @ $2 each w/3 $.55/1 coupons doubled- $2.70

-3 boxes cinnamon toast crunch- @ $2 each w/3 $.55/1 coupons doubled- $2.70

-2 boxes reeses peanut butter puffs (BEST CEREAL EVER)- @ $2 each w/2 $.65/1 coupons doubled- $1.40

-2 boxes scalloped potaoes (gross, i know, but i love their salty dehydrated goodness)- @ $1 each w 1 $.55/2 coupon doubled- $.90

-2 “healthy colors” valley fresh steamers- @ $1.50 each w/2 $.50/1 coupon doubled- $1.00

-2 boxes cascadian farms sweet & salty granola bars- @ $2.50 each w/2 $.75/1 coupons doubled- $2.00

-2 packages pillsbury simply refrigerated cookies- @ $2.50 each w/2 $.55/1 coupons doubled- $2.80

SPENT: $13.50


basically, shaw’s paid me $6.50 to take home 8 boxes of cereal and a bunch of other jazz. i know that save for the veggies and the cheerios, it’s not exactly the parade of health food- BUT next week i have $20 that i can spend on whatever the fuck i want. zebra cakes? crisco? crystal light? i think i may re-attempt the freezer cooking dance come november (need to free up my time for nanowrimo), so maybe i’ll spend my bonus cash on supplies.

in case you wanna see what other magic can be worked with this deal, the coupon goddess is back from greece and officially tearing shit up at her local shaw’s. also, she totally spotted the free crest toothpaste (on sale 10 for $10 with $1/1 from the last P&G brandsaver), which i completely missed.



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20 10 2010

Nothing to poo-poo, although not as sweet as your deal: Walgreen’s is doing 2/$2 on bags of Ricola and I’ve got a $1 off coupon from this Sunday’s paper. Although maybe I’ve keen on this because I’m a human-sized version of those charming little mucous characters for that unmemorable decongestion aid on tv right now.

Nice find!

20 10 2010
the coupon goddess

YAY! Look at you!! Don’t you love that Cascadian Farms is part of this deal?? I’ll be bugging my neighbors later today to use their computers for the printables. Woot!! And your secret is safe with me on the dehydrated potatoes! We all have to have our guilty pleasures right?

21 10 2010

of course i used it to buy cascandian junk food (those sweet & salty bars are SO GOOD), but it’s nice to see them at least trying to get some healthier/organic food in there. i generally only print out my legal 2 coupon limit, but the fact that i work in an office with multiple computers has certainly come in handy at times 🙂 BIG THANK YOU for the goodwill coupon! i am a thrift store whore for sure (also a poet- if you didn’t know it), and i know my readers will be super psyched- especially with halloween on the way!

20 10 2010
the coupon goddess

P.S. Totally thought of you when I saw this:


I know how much you love thrift store treasures!!

20 10 2010

coupons.com, if you use the zip 90210, has a .55/1 Ronzoni coupon available; Ronzoni Quick Cook pasta is on sale at Shaw’s through Thursday for .88/box, making it a .22/box money maker.

I should have stocked up on multi-grain Cheerios this week (there is a $1/1 coupon out there for them, which would have made them $1/box) but I didn’t get the clue in time. I hate these Cat Ads that are full of cake mix and frosting and fruit gushers (really?) but hide the actual food that is included in the in-store display.

On another topic: Walgreens has Nivea body wash on sale 2/$5 this week; there were a $3/1 Men’s body wash and a $3/2 W’s body wash coupons in the sunday paper. Buy three (1 M’s, 2 W’s) and your total is $7.50; use the two coupons and that brings it down to $1.50, or .50/bottle. I’m donating the M’s version (I work at the Y, and our resident men can always use personal care items) and keeping the W’s for myself.

21 10 2010

i can’t stop giggling about using zip code 90210! (my friends and i called it “bev niner” when we were in high school). thanks for the tip on the ronzoni! and i am so with you about them not showing (or even listing) all of the products included in the deals on the circular. UNFAIR! i generally just try to bring as many coupons for the brands advertised as i can, and hope for the best. the cinnamon toast crunch was a totally sweet surprise.

i won’t lie. i don’t do walgreens. mostly because there isn’t one that i can walk to (although there will be soon!)… but also because i’m a little afraid. i’ve heard that the register rewards system is tricky, and i do have an ultimate fear of the unknown. but you say it’s safe? is it worth the trip? maybe you can give me a walgreens education someday 🙂

21 10 2010

I don’t know about that – they built a Walgreens literally at the end of my street and I haven’t been in more than a few times. However, that particular deal doesn’t involve a RR (which I’ve also heard weird and awful stories about), so I figured it was pretty safe. If you like body wash. Which I do.

21 10 2010

i should really conquer my fear one of these weekend and just get out there. but they’re so big and shiny and scary! i’m used to my ghetto city cvs & rite aid. tiny, poorly lit, minimally stocked, and full of drunks and crackheads- just the way i like it. i do like free body wash though…

20 10 2010

hey! i love your blog and am new to the couponing world. this is going to sound so dumb (sorry!) but i gotta ask, does shaws double coupons everyday? even ones that say do not double. how about hannaford?

i am trying to get a handle on couponing to save some moneys, but MAN!, it is complicated to be able to do it well!

thanks for your help and keep up the awesome work!!!

21 10 2010

thank you! and no, not dumb at all! i didn’t know jack when i started either, and i’m still learning new stuff every day. shaw’s doubles all coupons (every day) under $.99 (no matter what they say about doubling- except the ones that print out of their registers [catalinas]). hannaford does not double coupons. their every day prices are lower, but overall i find that i save more money at shaw’s. i haven’t been to a hannaford in ages. couponing is totally complicated, but lots of blogs have a “couponing basics” section that is a good place to start. and if you’re local, money saving maine-iac always has the lowdown on what’s on sale in maine. once you get used to it, things will get much less time consuming, i promise.

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