weekend pickthrough- anticlimactic product testing edition.

7 11 2010

sometime in mid-september, i got an email from a local marketing company asking me if i would review a new coffee creamer coming to the market in maine for national coffee day on september 29th. weird. but there’s a certain novelty in being sent free products just because you have a blog (which pretty much never happens to me), and i also recently had to downshift to decaf on account of the heart palpitations, and decaf is not so tasty.

the creamer in question is a product of the baileys booze company, although tragically contains no actual booze. several flavors have been available on the market for a while, but they just released 4 new flavors in new england  this fall. apparently this is big news. i was promised “free samples”, but received only a single  lonely coupon (several weeks after national coffee day had passed)- but at least it was for a full sized bottle. i went for the creme brulee flavor, in hopes that it would make my coffee taste more like dessert and less like dirt (sorry paul newman- you’re as good as it gets, and it just ain’t enough).

mission pretty much accomplished. 2 tablespoons at 40 calories tasted not entirely like creme brulee, but still pretty good (not earth shattering, but good). definitely better than those flavored creamers that you get at the 7-11. otherwise, i don’t have a lot of basis for comparison. a price around $3.99 for a bottle that lasts a max of 7 days is a less appealing feature. unless you’re having a breakfast party, or work in a busy office, or just drink a shit ton of coffee, it’s probably a pass. although, according to their marketing materials, you could always take the remainder of the bottle and make creme brulee flavored whipped cream out of it. i didn’t try it for obvious reasons, but it was exceptionally tempting.

good enough to drink every now and again, yes. good enough to write a whole post about, not so much. if you’re irritated with me for wasting your time with a product review, here’s some actual weekend pickthrough links that you can use to dull your pain:

the *untiest story ever told.

the food pyramid of shame

this has been EVERYWHERE this week, but if you haven’t stumbled upon it yet, it’s totally worth reading.

think twice before you buy that barbie for breast cancer.

how to pick up a hipster girl.

scoring discount produce with the coupon goddess.

i’d guess since the late golden girls era. what’s your guess on how long this shirt has been at tj maxx?



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11 11 2010

Um, can we talk about your laser foot mug?

11 11 2010

i found it at my job and adopted it as my own! although i love the idea of handing it off to a client as well.

24 03 2011
holy spring cleaning jackpot batman: an ode to free stuff. « broke 207

[…] remember that time that time i got that full sized bottle of pantene in the mail from vocalpoint? i sent that shit to preble street, and nobody even noticed. why just last week they offered me a free pint of some sort of flavored creamer (which will hopefully go a bit better than my last unsavory creamer incident). […]

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