sad cone doggy is sad.

11 11 2010

apologies for the silence, i’ve been spending my hours trying to nurse sad cone doggy back to health. 2 teeth and 2 balls removed. poor baby! i’ve also been working on my final STRUT routine, for the big finale tonight. that said, i hope to shoot out a totally sweet post later today regarding my recent venture to TRADER JOE’S. yes, i had never been to one before. double yes, i am building an underground bunker and filling it with peppermint jojos. anyway, thank you for your patience! regularly scheduled programming will resume shortly.



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11 11 2010

no lie: i was eating a peppermint jojo when i read this.

12 11 2010

awesome. if i were living my life right, i’d been eating jojos 24-7.

12 11 2010
12 11 2010

DUDE. DUDE! i need to eat these right now. and forever.

13 11 2010

Can’t wait to read your thoughts on TJ’s. I did my own post about my visit but its probably a downer since I tend to over think shit. I am wishing I had seen those peppermint JoJo’s but I am guessing my waistline thanks me for not seeing em. They look delish.

17 11 2010

i didn’t think you were too hard on TJs at all! (and that mcRib comment cracked me up.) it’s prepackaged junk food in health food clothing. so far pretty much everything i’ve gotten is delicious, but i would weigh 400 lbs. if i did my groceries there. the peppermint jojos alone could do me in (although you really aught to try them at least once!).

14 11 2010
Melissa Mullen

Ok . . . I lived in California for 7 years and did my grocery shopping at Trader’s only for at least 5 of those years. I hadn’t stepped foot into a “regular” grocery store until I moved to Maine. And it’s been shocking ever since.

Here are some of my staples . . .
Vegetable Masala Burgers
Yogurt Cheese (sliced jalapeno)
Tomato and Basil Marinara Sauce
Various frozen vegetables – they have medley’s – one specifically w/balsamic that is holy orgasmic fun especially over a wheat pasta
Brown Rice – frozen . . . hello easy ass way to keep it good and healthy for dinner.
Garlic Naan
Earth Balance vegan spread
Cereal – I like the maple frosted wheat. It’s like what, $3 in comparison to what $5+ in a regular store. Good grief.
O GOD and then they have these cranberry orange scones. DIE AND GONE TO HEAVEN FRIEND. {that’s a naughty}
Also, a lactose free french vanilla creamer in a huge container for practically no money. INSANE!

I understand that many of these items are processed but I have found that having these items on hand really helps me from eating true garbage. I always buy my lettuce, green onion, shredded carrots, beets from there as well so there is a great mix of good eats at home at all times for a fraction of the price.

The hummus is good too and literally I could go on and on about this because I have been praying, missing and so excited about this new addition to this fine city.

O and Lemon soap for the kitchen!!! 🙂

18 11 2010

yogurt cheese? it’s funny, i think almost every single person mentioned the garlic naan. i had to go back for it, and i was not disappointed! i’ll have to check out the frozen veggies and the cranberry orange scones. and you know what, i don’t judge on the processed foods. yes, i’m a vegetarian. yes, i TRY to eat healthy, but i’m also busy and processed foods are tasty. there is no shame in it! no shame at all!

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