worth the trip- the black album (with a plaid b-side).

24 11 2010

i feel like it was just halloween. how exactly is it thanksgiving already? now, thanksgiving means a lot of things to me- pie, defending my vegetarianism against people who think it is a personal attack, pie, rolling my eyes at football, pie, and most of all… BLACK FRIDAY.

to many, getting up at the pre-crack of dawn in order to shiver outside in the icy icy weather in a line of other assholes who also think that this is a good idea does not seem like a privilege. i know it seems wrong on a number of levels, but i can’t stop myself. i’m not even buying any xmas presents. i’m not even trying to score big ticket items at crazy low prices. i just really love a hot bargain, and have designs on expanding my chick flick collection for less than $2 a dvd.

now traditionally, one gets the thanksgiving paper and weeds through the ads while digesting their  gravy coated food baby after dinner (sort of like half time before the pie round). but since this is the internet age, and we’re all a big fucking pack of cheaters, there are multiple websites offering up all the black friday deal fliers days before anyone has to stick their hands into a frozen turkey and pull out the “giblet sack” (and people question my vegetarianism?).

i love black-friday. net, but it really doesn’t make a fucking difference if you go there or to blackfriday.info or even blackfriday.com. the point is that i’ve been planning my black friday shopping strategy for DAYS. here is my present  ACTION PLAN:

TARGET has been my first stop for years, but this year it isn’t really lighting my fire. sure, they have a decent selection of $1.99-$3.99 dvds ($2 punky brewster yo!), but not much else is tickling the ole fancy. i might go in for the deeply discounted nikon coolpix camera ($79 when it’s usually $139) that i know the boyfriend wants (don’t worry, he doesn’t read my blog), or some $25 itunes giftcards for $20. if you are going in for the big ticket kill however, just know that you get a $10 gift card back when you spend $100. target is good like that.

WALMART is pretty much always a mistake, but this year i may be making that mistake first on my list. (or maybe i’ll chicken out and go to target instead where things are safe and attractively lit.) however, their movie & video game deals can not be beat. 90 dvd titles @ $1.96 each is giving me the vapors. if you have a kiddo to buy for this year, i would also like to recommend the v-tech kidzoom digital camera at $19. i bought it for my nieces last xmas (for $50- OUCH!), and it was a big hit. oh, and if i had the counter space- i would shank someone for a $149 kitchenaid stand mixer.

OLD NAVY disappoints me a little this year. usually their gobble-palooza event is more exciting, but i could use some new jeans and sweaters, and $15 is a decent deal. however, i am mildly irritated at the overwhelming amount of sweatshirts & sweatpants. I’M NOT SPORTY! I CAN’T WEAR MY PAJAMAS TO WORK! WHERE ARE THE DEALS FOR ADULTS?

if i’m still feeling up to it (and if i have any money left), i may choose to brave THE MALL.

BEST BUY is uncharacteristically lame this year. really, $3.99 movies is as low as it goes? i may pop in for a copy of drag me to hell (which is awesome and hasn’t been advertised anywhere else), but seriously best buy, screw you.

GAP doesn’t have a flier out, but their facebook clearly states that if you get your ass there before 10 am, you’ll get 50% off the entire store. or if you’re lazy, you can always use this 40% coupon that’s almost as good. whatever time, i’ll definitely be headed their way.

EXPRESS has some good coupons, but i hate how they never apply to clearance items. also, lately they’ve been looking a little too eurotrash even for me.

MACY’S always leads off with a really good coupon. this year, it’s $10/$25 until one pm. the items in their ad don’t have any great appeal for me (except maybe this necklace on sale for $19.99), but with the coupon, i can usually score some pretty amazing clearance rack deals.

ULTA is also coming up a little short this season, but i do loves the cheap make up. weirdly, their “door busters” ad isn’t telling me anything too exciting above and beyond their current monthly sales.  but they do have rimmel on bogo, and a sweet printable $3.50/$10. if i’m still standing, i’ll probably check it out.

sadly, i can’t find anything about H&M deals, and the only information i could dig up about forever21 was from this seemingly unreliable and  poorly spelled blog entry. could be good, maybe?

ok, so nobody is waiting in line in front of the rite aid on black friday, but you can bet your ass that i’ll be stopping by on my way home to grab the totally awesome 1-3 day only DRUG STORE DEALS.

CVS– it’s a little embarrassing to watch the drugstores try to keep up with the mall stores in terms of gift items sometimes. really cvs? you think i’m going to buy at e-reader at a drugstore. not that “craig” isn’t a totally trusted brand of electronics… but i’m gonna have to hold out for the kindle. but on the other hand, there’s an entire page of free after ECBs stuff that i do want, many of which have available coupons. i blew all my ECBs on allergy meds last month, so you can bet your ass that i’ll be stocking back up. there’s also some wet & wild make up kits on sale for $2.99, and i’m hoping that the $5 off of a $10 wet and wild purchase from last month’s all you will apply to those too. *UPDATE* they also just sent me a $5/$25 coupon good through saturday. did you get one?

RITE AID is at least not pimping any sub-sub-standard electronics this year, but on the other hand, THEY’RE NOT PIMPING ANYTHING. easily the most disappointing black friday flier of the year, their best deal is some free after +UP rewards candy bars. LAME. i might pick up some $.99 dial hand soap, but i also might boycott them for their utter lameness. FAIL!

some other BITS & PIECES of interest:

$6 tv seasons at big lots– especially if you’re into CSI (ok, only if you’re into CSI).

$10 t-shirts at threadless- and apparently an extra 20% of $25 or more when you shop through this link. (totally unverified)

they may have fewer titles, but bullmoose can also play the $1.96 dvd game.

free nuts (after register rewards) and 2/$5 previously viewed movies at walgreens (if you’re not still too afraid to go in like some people i know).

the maine mall opens at six, and if you spend over $100, you can snag yourself a $10 gift card.

and if you think i’m completely insane and the idea of going to target at 4 am gives you a panic attack, you should strongly consider avoiding the mall area all together and celebrating PLAID FRIDAY instead and do your shopping at local small businesses. yes, i am a whore for $2 movies, but i also have deeply intimate relationships with my favorite portland shops (who i’ll be highlighting over the next few weeks), and feel strongly that we should all do our best to support our local economy. having those stores continue to keep their doors open is a gift in and of itself.

which way are you going? black? plaid? both? or are you already digging yourself a bunker in the backyard so that you can hunker down until spring?



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24 11 2010

having no money (like, i mean NO money) makes this decision very easy! building a bunker in the yard is free!

happy tofurkey day.

24 11 2010

hey, no money= no pressure to shop, and there’s something kind of nice/comforting about that. i certainly don’t have much myself this year (new dog+ new roof= empty pockets). i’m gonna try to get out for under $50. happy bunker digging!

24 11 2010

I have been collecting emails and links this week to check out later and plan a Black Friday strategy (my family starts at the Portsmouth Kohl’s and goes from there, as is tradition), but you have just planned it all out for me. Thanks for saving me time! haha though I will still be plotting my Friday tomorrow after dinner with my mom and grandmother. Black Friday is a time honored tradition in our family!

27 11 2010

the post dinner plotting is my favorite part! even though i had already written the post, i still leafed through all the fliers with my family and actually found a few more scores. although my boyfriend’s parents did decline to get up with us at 5 to hit the stores… i wonder why? did you really go to kohl’s at 3 am?

28 11 2010

oh hell no. we were there for 8 am (in Portsmouth). still plenty of good sales and door busters for us. We were disappointed in the Kohl’s clothing & toy selection this winter though. We also hit up Staples, Old Navy, BJ’s and Target. We were busy! Got almost ALL of my shopping done though!

24 11 2010

Old Navy sucks ass this season, I was there a few days ago and pretty disappointed. They seemed real heavy on sweat gear, I did find a couple of cute sweaters and a pair of jeans but the styles there are bleh.

Good luck with your shopping. I hate crowds and too many people make me crazy so I have never in my life gone shopping on Black Friday. Though I was at Macy’s today and surprised at how affordable they were…prices were reasonable before the big sales.

26 11 2010

i grabbed a couple of things on clearance hoping for additional discounts, but nothin doin. but seriously, SWEATPANTS AS FAR AS THE EYE CAN SEE. it was kind of a bummer. i used to be able to shop there, but now i feel like it’s just for sloppy high school kids who wear their pajamas all day long. sadly, i forgot my macy’s coupon so i didn’t even bother going in. hopefully there will still be some post black friday deals to be had.

26 11 2010

I can’t wait to see what you ended up getting. I didn’t venture out. $15 dollar Old Navy jeans and 50% off at Gap almost made me go out, but a nasty cold and nasty weather made me stay in. I shopped online and got 50% off for Tulle clothing, which was a really good deal.

26 11 2010

hopefully i’ll get some pictures up tonight! but my day definitely didn’t go how i had hoped. after i read your comment, i put like $150 worth of stuff in my shopping cart at tulle before i realized i was crazy and made myself close the webiste. such good deals! what did you get?

27 11 2010

in black.
I needed new work shirts and my mom kept complaining about the coat I’ve been wearing. The buttons keep falling off and it’s seen better days, so I bought that coat in order to get her off my back. Plus, it’s really cute. I wish they had still had it in blue though! I can see how easy it would have been to put $150 in your cart, because I really had to hold back. Their dresses are so beautiful, but I couldn’t see buying one just because it was pretty. I don’t really need one at the moment.

28 11 2010

i am desperately in love with that jacket. it is SO CUTE. i also really love the twist front top, i didn’t even see that one somehow. although it’s probably all for the best that i didn’t pull the trigger, i’m exceptionally jealous. i really wanted that purple dress with the bow at the neck. i’m a sucker for anything that screams sexy librarian.

2 12 2010
get your local on- pop & lock. « broke 207

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