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27 11 2010

this thanksgiving, i was thankful for a lot. finally getting to hang out with my mom on a holiday (it’s been 2 years!), fake gravy that tasted as good as regular gravy (way to go gardein!), and of course not having to go to work (although i did have to work on friday :P). but my biggest moments of gratefulness came long after dinner was through, and we were perched on the cusp of our black friday adventure.

now let me start by reminding you all that i am FUCKING EXHAUSTED. between burlesque rehearsals, costumes, midnight trips to boston, and trying to keep the pulse on this blog beating at least a little, i don’t get a lot of sleep. lately, it seems like less than ever. by 10 pm on thanksgiving evening, after 2 slices of pie, several pounds of mashed potatoes, and a lively and hour long debate with my mom about whether or not it’s irresponsible for people to have big families in the current economic climate (i’m looking at you michelle duggar), i was PRACTICALLY COMATOSE.

grateful moment #1: the boyfriend agrees  to skip our midnight walmart trip (sorry $6 lord of the rings trilogy) and go home to sleep instead.

admittedly i was still up until almost midnight looking for my lost CVS card (eventually found, but not before a significant meltdown). i was definitely not looking forward to my 4:30 am wake up call.

grateful moment #2: the boyfriend’s alarm clock doesn’t go off, and we wake up at 5:45.

ok, so we missed waiting outside the target in the slush, and getting to be first in line, but the extra hour and 45 minutes was an amazing gift. also, when we finally did get to target, there wasn’t much worth fighting for. the $2 movie titles SUCKED (random greatest american hero episodes?), and the line was more insane than anything i had ever seen before. it wound from the front registers all the way through the back of the store, through the toy and electronics departments, and ostensibly through some sort of wormhole in the center of the store.

grateful moment #3: after viewing the target line, the boyfriend (who is a black friday purist- a bargain warrior who got me into this mess in the first place) looked at me and said “fuck this shit, i’m shopping on amazon”.

basically, we just ended up chilling out at the mall for an hour or so, and then getting some burger king breakfast before i had to go back to work. even though the bargains were minimal, and i didn’t manage to score a single $2 dvd, getting things downgraded to low key/low expectations made this the best black friday ever.

here’s what i brought home:

1. old navy- a sweater, scarf, and long sleeve t on clearance- but disappointingly not further discounted. $30.

2. the gap- 50% off everything! bag, skirt, sweater & shoes for $10 each. $40.

3. H&M- lame sales, but i bought a $6 t-shirt and got a $5 gift card in return. a nice surprise!

4. ulta- i had some sort of coupon cock up here and it didn’t work out the way that i had wanted, but 2 loreal blushes, 2 neutrogena lip glosses and 2 NYC nail polishes for $8 wasn’t tragic.

5. cvs- so awesome (and still going on). i got 4 loreal blushes (75% off and and $2 coupons on each), the philips headphones (surprisingly nice), colgate, gillette deoderant, herbal essences, and carmex for $19 with $20 back in extrabucks. thinking of going back for more later today.

total damage- $80ish, not counting the $19 i got back in extrabucks. admittedly it was all for me, and i’ve barely made a dent in my xmas shopping… but at least i’ll look really cute while i’m doing it- right?



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27 11 2010

We made out surprisingly well, actually. I’m excited for Cyber Monday, because I think it might get even better on Amazon.

Electric toothbrushes are on crazy sale at Target- we’re doing some research and going back, because we both think it’s probably time to get on that toothbrush bandwagon. Scout got a really awesome sweater at Target for 12.00- argyle and cute.

On the internet: RuLaLa- super cute Sorel winter boots, waterproof, rated for -40degrees, more than 50% off, with a $10 credit.
Babeland- Really expensive, super popular toy for $30. Guess which one. You will be totally floored.
Barnes&Noble- The new Bruce Springsteen box set for my mom. Couldn’t find it for lower than 80 anywhere, we got it for $60, free shipping.
Amazon- Coconut oil for Cakeface, 2 23oz tubs, and a thermal shirt for Scout, $20. Coconut oil is stupid expensive.

We didn’t even get out of the house yesterday until 4:30, and Target wasn’t any busier than it usually is. The best deals were online, and like I said, those will keep going for a little while.

Congrats on your haul, and your awesome grateful moments. I had a few of those yesterday, too. (:

28 11 2010

did you get the rabbit for $30? I HAVE TO KNOW!!! nice work by the way, you also got me to sign up for rulala. i think someday into the future i should do a comparison of all the members only shopping clubs (gilt, ideeli, rulala). sounds like you not only got some excellent deals, but also managed to xmas shop for people other than yourself AND sleep in. you guys are my hero right now.

29 11 2010

i got the hitachi!! what?! i know!!

i’m in ruelala, swirl (by daily candy), and gilt. ruelala and swirl are actually pretty good- i’ve gotten some great (50%+) deals on things, and there are always things i want even if i can’t afford them. i never check gilt anymore- it’s mostly couture, and even if something is on crazy sale, it’s still a few hundred dollars. um, no.

while i’d love that off-season rodarte gown, i feel like maybe that’s an unwise way to spend my unemployment checks.

29 11 2010

oops, was logged in as scout.

30 11 2010

between the unemployment reference and the rodarte gown comment, i figured it was you. not that scout wouldn’t be fetching in rodarte… but the important thing is- YOU GOT THE HITATCHI FOR $30! if there was a hallmark card for that, i’d be sending it to you right now.

27 11 2010

I’m thankful that the weather wasn’t nice and I didn’t feel up to shopping. Money well saved. When is the burlesque show you are rehearsing for?

28 11 2010

those are both nice things to be thankful for 🙂 i have 2 performances that i’m rehearsing for right now, the nutcracker burlesque (december 17-23), and the atomic trash 2nd anniversary show on january 15th.

29 11 2010

I’m pretty sure Best Buy had a wormhole too. They set the fridges up in a maze and made you snake through them to get in line at the checkout. I was scared. Lol! First and last Black Friday shopping trip everrrrrrrrrrr.

30 11 2010

like a black friday haunted house! i kind of regret skipping best buy now.

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