shaking the bell.

29 11 2010

so a while ago when i first discovered ulta, i mentioned that i was working on a super secret makeup related project that i would eventually tell you about. well, that day has finally come.

a really really long time ago, i had scored a bunch of freebie cosmetics with extrabucks that i didn’t know what to do with, and i wrote a post about donating makeup (or trying to unsuccessfully). when i called my favorite local charity to see what their stance was on the topic, they mentioned that they didn’t have a huge call for cosmetics, but that the teen girls go nuts for it. anyway, as the xmas/generically inoffensive holiday season started to approach, i started to think a about how all the programs are like “TOYS FOR TOTS” and such. it seems that people don’t seem to get the same warm holiday fuzzies getting gifts for older kids as they do for the grade school set, and how much does that suck?  anyway, it occurred to me that i could be stockpiling my free makeup, and then assemble little kits to donate around xmas time.

well, as of today, i have a pretty good hoard, but i still have some sizable gaps. i spoke with preble street yesterday, and they have 50 girls that their teen center services, and they want the finished product by december 9th! THAT’S 2 WEEKS!! so here is the part where i ask for your help. i am aiming to put together 25 kits (apparently they have a little gift mini mall and let the kids pick out what they want). if any of you other crazy coupon ladies out there have a makeup stash that is just taking up space, or you don’t give a shit about coupons but you just want to help out… here is your chance! i am looking for donations of the following items:

– NEW UNOPENED and UNEXPIRED cosmetics of all types in teen appropriate colors. And by “teen appropriate”, i don’t mean only “natural look”, i mean no grandma grade burgundy lipstick or heavy pancake makeup. at the moment, i’ve got a lot of natural looking blush, eyeshadows in fun colors (brights!), tinted & flavored lip glosses, nailpolish in all sorts of colors, and assorted eye liners. i don’t currently have any foundations or powders- but i wouldn’t turn them down (but we do need a mix of skin tones for a variety of ethnicities). i’m also really hoping to score some mascara and some beauty tools.

– NEW, UNOPENED, & UNEXPIRED travel/pocket size hair and skin care products & fragrances. i’d love a bunch of tiny hair sprays, gels, mousses or scented body lotions and body sprays. bath & bodyworks has all those bins with delicious little smelly things that would be awesome. also, things like body glitter, colored hair spray, press on nails, bindis, and other non-permanent body decorations could be really fun.

– NEW & GOOD CONDITION blank books & journals and gel pens in fun colors (and other jazz). i don’t want the bags to be just be make-up, and i thought that journals would be a nice touch. i would also be interested in things like fun erasers, new teen literature, or any other little trinkets that the teens might find fun (rubber bracelets, hair accessories, arm warmers… small but fun). basically, anything else to fill things out. although this stuff is secondary to the makeup and journals.

– NEW & UNUSED makeup bags or zipper pouches in teen appropriate colors & designs. i need something cute to put all this stuff in! i was going to hit the big lots, but if you have something, or you see something out and about that is inexpensive and could work- let me know!

yes, i know that not all girls love make up (although i’ve tried to accommodate a number of tastes from goth girl to girly girl). but, many do, and if i can help stock their xmas gift pantry with something that some of the the teens can be excited about, i am so on it. so here i am, shaking the proverbial bell, asking if anyone else out there is able/willing/interested in giving a hand. there’s a linky link marked EMAIL on over to the right, and you should use it to contact me if you want to make a donation. or if you can’t donate products, but have coupons for cosmetics that you’re not using, or see something super awesome on big time clearance that i should know about, that would be helpful too! we’ve got 2 weeks (i will need all donations by 5 pm on the 8th of December), let’s do this shit!

the current haul- NEED MORE!



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29 11 2010
Erica @ Just Call Me Cheap

For some reason when I click on the email link there is an error (most likely because my internet/netbook are pieces of crap).
I would love to donate my stash of make up that I will never use!
If you could email me where to send it, that would be great!

It is really awesome that you are doing this! It is hard enough being a teen whose family has fallen on hard times so anything that can make their lives a little bit more “normal” is great!

29 11 2010

Love it! I’m in. I’ll see what I can gather this week. I’d also love to help assemble the sets if you’re looking for that. Kudos on a brilliant idea, girl!

30 11 2010

thank you and awesome! the more the merrier. i’ll let you know when kit assembling day arrives. all hands on deck!

30 11 2010

This is such a great idea! I’m definitely in to help get some stuff. I like that you are focusing on the teen girls, because it’s true that the little kids really make out so much better.
I volunteered at a soup kitchen last Christmas and they had so many toys!!! The church ladies tried to get me to take one, but I had to tell them I was too old. They then said “oh no we have some for teens too!” to which I said “no really, I’m too old”. I was 27. They had some pretty awesome board games though.

30 11 2010

thank you so much! i love that the church ladies thought you were a wayward teen! you know, it’s brainless, easy, and cheap to hit the walmart and buy a barbie or some legos. i don’t even think a lot of parents know what to get their teenage children for xmas, let alone put the thought into a donation gift!

30 11 2010

i am SO in. i have a ton of stuff from when i worked at the whole, and i would be down for purchasing a bushel of dr. pepper lip smackers…

30 11 2010

i’m TOTALLY trying to score some lip smackers! i’m hitting the big lots tomorrow in hot pursuit! the pile is growing, but i still have a ways to go. WF cosmetics would be a luxurious gift!

1 12 2010

That is a fantastic idea! I’m in! I’ll email you.


1 12 2010
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30 12 2010
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