19 01 2011

i’m assuming that writer’s block and erectile dysfunction are probably pretty similar conditions. it’s been a week, and somehow i just can’t seem to get it up. i keep trying, but every day i don’t write, things get more complicated. i don’t think i need to burn this blog to the ground and run or anything… in fact, i actually have a really good post waiting in the wings for something very special to show up in the mail (just you wait!). but at this very exact moment, i’m feeling a little adrift… so i apologize for the delay. i’m not giving up or jumping ship.  i’m just a little overtired, and cranky, and too stupid to think of anything good to say. anyone out there floating in the universe have any big ideas?



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20 01 2011

every writer i know, regardless of talent, fame, etc, says that the best thing to do is to commit to writing SOMETHING every day. even if it’s just a list of things you think you want to write about later. i started a private blog to write about some stuff that was blocking me up and it’s helped a lot. i don’t write things that get published lately, but i get some writing done more often than i used to, and it definitely makes me feel better.

27 01 2011

you’re totally right. thank you for the kick in the pants. writing in many ways is the love of my life, and i need to learn to make more time for it. wordpress is running this challenge called “the daily post” where people commit to writing a post a day on their blog until the end of the year. i think that would be good for me. i need to remember that it doesn’t always have to be epic, just SOMETHING. if you were here right now, i’d be singing THIS to you (just the inspiration part, i’m not turning into a creepy stalker. probably.). so thanks 🙂

31 01 2011

ha! flattered as i am (no really), i’m sort of glad i’m not there. chicago is, um, NOT my favorite band ever. but i’m glad i could help. 🙂

29 01 2011
weekend pickthrough- promises promises. « broke 207

[…] last week when i was having my writer’s block meltdown, the always marvelous infamousqbert made simple but brilliant suggestion- no matter what you do, […]

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