weekend pickthrough- promises promises.

29 01 2011

so last week when i was having my writer’s block meltdown, the always marvelous infamousqbert made simple but brilliant suggestion- no matter what you do, take time to write every day.

in my constantly fluctuating sphere of interests, writing is my constant. the thing i want to do all the time,  even if it will never pay my bills… the thing i stay up until 3 am doing even though i have to work the next day… but lately, i’ve let myself get distracted and haven’t made adequate time for myself to write, and i need to change that.

on new year’s day, wordpress put out a challenge for bloggers to write a post ever day. initially, i was like “fuck that shit”. but i’ve given it some thought, and i’ve decided to go BALLS TO THE WALL. as of this post, i will officially be posting something every day for the rest of 2011 (or wordpress will send someone to break my kneecaps or something). most of them probably won’t be epic, and there will most definitely be some reposting of things that i write for other websites … but every day, even if it’s only a sentence or two, i’m doing it.

oh, and the weekend pickthrough is officially back in action. stupid links abound after the jump.

a bunch of kind of stupid typography jokes. (SPOILER- almost all of them are about comic sans)

the shockingly anti-climactic conclusion of a year long shopping ban.

lol cats + best coast= my favorite music video of all time.

the benefits of keeping a minimal fridge.

michelle at goodwill turned me onto this thrifting website, and i’m HOOKED. i wanna be “miss shopping golightly” when i grow up. she has the coolest teenage daughter ever.

these are the best bathing suits in the whole universe.

talking about unfunny comics somehow makes them even less funny.


fuck polaroids, it’s all about tintype photography.

the coupon goddess discusses a scandalous topic that no coupon lady has ever dared address.



7 responses

30 01 2011

LOL! I feel like Steve Martin in The Jerk.

“I’ve been featured as a stupid link! At last, I’m finally somebody!”


I guess that explains the spike in traffic.

Just remember, this is what happens when you take the bait and promise to post every day … for a whole year!!!

Good luck! 🙂

5 02 2011

that’s just me being snarky! i actually really love your blog, and don’t think it’s stupid at all. regardless of me being an idiot, i’m glad i could bring you some much deserved traffic!

30 01 2011

I liked the Tintype post and I liked it even more since my sister in law is an advertiser on it. I didn’t even know that!

5 02 2011

that’s cool! what does she do? those tintypes are awesome. i wish i could afford them!

31 01 2011
5 02 2011


29 08 2011
back to school. « broke 207

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