parental advisory: explicit lyrics.

1 02 2011

right now, i’m exactly like a slowly rolling katamari of blogs. every few months or so, i pick up yet another so-and-so and the ball just keeps getting bigger and bigger. this is awesome in the way that i get to write about a variety of crazy shit (this week i get to make granola bars and test drive a puffy skirt), although less awesome in the way that nobody actually pays me. well, last month, i rolled up yet another opportunity. this time, posting my prime content on the wcsh6 portland blog.

now, reposting content should require very little work on my part. SHOULD, of course being the operative word. however, ease is an experience reserved for people who use proper capitalization and aren’t quite so liberal with the f-bombs. wcsh6 might want my content, but understandably, they want it a little less colorful and a little more family friendly. pg-13 at best.

anyway, if you ever wanted to recommend my blog to your gramma, grade school english teacher, or friends from church camp, but didn’t think they could hack the racy themes and rampant overuse of commas… this is your chance! i’ve been filing the corners off all my material so that it’s safe for children, and no longer a choking hazard for the elderly.  you can see the distilled result of my most recent effort right here. or if you think that’s balls, if nothing else you can look at both posts side by side and try to spot the differences.



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3 02 2011

Allie, you missed a day!!! NOOOOOOOOO. I am so looking forward to a day of content from you!

3 02 2011

Dude, I meant a *year* of content. 😀

5 02 2011

a momentary stumble! you can blame a surprise appearance from a bourbon bearing ex boyfriend. i’m back on track (and more incoherent than ever).

3 02 2011

Fantastic! I already was a WCSH-6-preferrer but this seals the deal. Between you and Cindy Williams my heart is all-a-flutter.

5 02 2011

thanks audrey! we really need to make a date for a goodwill photo session sometime soon. or just to hang out.

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